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Test Results

For those of you who have spent the last couple months with me...thank you. For those of you new here that I haven't talked to...sorry for your loss. So many of you were supportive of me when I was fighting for all the blood tests for clotting disorders and hormone imbalances, thank you for that, ya kept me strong! For those who don't know, I had a missed m/c on 9-11 at 10 weeks, it was my first loss. Most OB's don't do any testing until after the 3rd loss, but I threw a fit and had them done after 1. They called with the results today...I tested positive for the anticardiolipin antibody. I guess there is IGG and IGM, mine was the IGM. I have no idea what that means yet as far as the IGG or IGM. They want to test again in 2 months to make sure it isn't a false positive, but I doubt it is. All I know right now is that it is some kind of clotting thing and if it is truly positive, then I will have to take baby aspirin until conception and then possibly even heparin shots throughout pregnancy...that's worst case. Like I said, I'll know more in 2 months. I'm starting the baby aspirin just in case, she said we could start TTC again and I don't want to take chances. I was told I could wait the 2 months and then if (+) start the baby aspirin, but it isn't going to hurt me to take it if I'm really (-) and they said it would be fine. I asked if it could have possibly caused our loss, and the MA had the nerve to tell me basically and a little nicer than this but still...that if I'd waited for the 3 losses, and then tested (+) we would know for sure, but with only one, it MIGHT have caused it. Anyway, that's what I know so far. I'm going to do some research now. Thanks for all your support through this.

I have started visiting a TTC after loss board (just considering it) so I'm not on this one as much, but I still come here and read up on everyone daily. I guess I've become a *lurker*. I feel really close to some of you, you sat with me through some of my darkest days. I owe you the world for helping me keep my sanity.

Thanks again,

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Hi there Amy...so sorry for your loss. This place is fantastic. The girls here are so supportave. I'm so happy that you fought and got the testing done. I'm glad they have a possible diagnoses and solution!

Heres to getting out BFPs in 2008!!!


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Hi Amy. I'm so glad you have some answers. I really hope that what they found and the precautions they have given you for your next pregnancy lead to a healthy baby for you soon. Best of luck TTC...please keep us posted. Thanks for all of your support through my miscarriage...your words have always been kind and supportive!


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I'm glad you followed your gut and got tested. Looks like, somewhere deep inside, you knew all along.

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I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns and sticking up for yourself. You are an incredible person. Regardless of what happens in two months time you know that you took charge of your body.

I'm sending you the wave cause I'm just so happy for you. Please keep us posted.


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Hey there hun. I'm so glad that you have found a possible answer for your loss, and even if you never know for sure if that's what caused it, at least you know what to do to try to prevent it in the future.

I'm really really glad that you feel you can move on from posting as much on this board. Not that we won't miss your supportive input here, but it's just good that you feel ready to explore TTCAL. Smile

You know that i wish you all the best honey. I hope that only good things happen now. :giveflower:

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I am so sorry for your loss, but so glad you got some answers. I hope your TTC journey is short and smooth.

I hope you still come and talk with us. I have been hanging around that board a little myself.

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I am glad to hear that you got some answers. Maybe you can look up both IGG and IGM on WebMD? Just a thought. I am starting to lurk on the TTCAL board myself. As quickly as the past five months have gone, I will be among them shortly. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with your next pregnancy as I know in my heart there will be and it will be the baby that you have deserved from the beginning.


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Thanks everyone.


I've been researching the IgG and the IgM some online. I can't seem to find anything to tell much of a difference. But I hadn't thought of WebMD so thanks! A woman on a TTCAL board told me that the IgM (the one I tested + for) doesn't have any research confirming that it plays a part in pregnancy loss, but that kind of goes against my OB telling me that if it is a true (+), then I'll have to start the baby aspirin until conception and then the heparin shots throughout pregnancy. So I don't know. Like I've said, I'll give myself 5shots a day if it meant a healthy happy baby in my arms! Looks like we are going to start trying anyway, I started the baby aspirin yesterday. We'll see what happens.

I just wish it was Feb., time to test again so I would know, and then I could get some answers. Thanks again for all your support. I'll let you know what I find out as it happens!

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I'm glad you were able to get some answers.


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So the IgM is the one that I tested positive for. Here is part of a message I got from someone on another board. It tells just a little about the anticardiolipin antibody. Just thought I'd share...thank you for all your support! :bighug:

'Here is information about the three Anticardiolipin Antibodies from Dr Beer's Website concerning Aquired Thrombophilia's :

"1. IgM. This antibody circulates in the blood as opposed to the lymphatic system and the organs. As the immune problem strengthens or gets worse an additional antibody is formed.

2. IgG. This antibody also circulates in the blood but its main home is in the lymphatic system and the lymph nodes. As the immune problem strengthens and gets worse an additional antibody is formed.

3. IgA. This antibody lives in the organs and is often responsible for turning the serological test for syphilis falsely positive. "

IgM is the first tier of the Anticardolipin antibodies... and since it circulates in the blood, its more likely to cause clotting durring pregnancy.

I have APS, and Ive suffered 4 confirmed losses due to my IGM antibodies... and there is plenty of research that confirms that IGM relates to pg loss as well...'