Test Results...

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Test Results...

My dr called today to let me know that she had received the results from the pathology tests that she conducted.................................................


Although it gives no answer to the question why?.... I was happy to hear that my body hadn't rejected my baby and there was nothing wrong internally with me....
My dr says that the chromosome testing won't come back for another few weeks...


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Thats great!

I'm going for my tests today so I hope there is nothing wrong with me too!!

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I am thankful to hear that your body didn't reject the little one. I am sorry that it still leaves you without answers. that is the toughest part. even if the knowing hurts, it still helps to know why.


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((((HUGS)))) Our results were the same. It's hard to get something back showing no abnormalities found to leave the big "why" question unanswered.

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hugs and fuzzies. I am glad in one way that your testing came back all normal. It doesnt make it any easier in the grieving, but it does help for the future.