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    My doctor will test why I mc after 2 mc. We are at that point now and would like to do this... I think it would answer alot of questions running through my head and bring healing if it is something fixable.

    Is this covered by insurance?
    What kinds of test does it consist of?
    Does your regular ob/gyn do the test or do you go to another dr?
    What are some common reasons for mc?
    Those who did this, what is your expierence with it?

    I hate that I am at this point in my life... I had barely even knew what a mc was untill I went through this! I have no idea where to even start researching, I just want to know why!

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    So sorry for your losses, you're in my thoughts.
    I'm a med student, so I'll try and answer what I can...I am a student though, so your questions should to ultimatly to your physician

    1) It should be covered by your insurance, but the degree of coverage depends on your insurance company.
    2) If you've asked, a chromosomal analysis may be done using tissue from the baby. That would determine if there was an abnormality that caused the mc.
    Blood will be drawn to check various hormone levels, including thyroid.
    An xray with saline injected into your uterus to show any malformations of the uterus.
    A hysteroscopy may be done if the xray shows something but not clearly enough. A camera is snaked through your cervix to get a picture of your uterus to look for any uterine abnormalities that would cause a mc. It's not fun, but it's not a particularly horrid procedure.
    3) Your regular obgyn would probably start everything, you might be sent to a specialist as needed.
    4) Sadly, about 1 in 6 pregnancies end in early mc. Some common causes are uterine malformations, cervical malformations, undiagnosed hypothyroidism, ovarian cysts, low progesterone levels, and the embryo not implanting properly. The most common cause of first trimester loss is a fetal chromosomal abnormality.
    The hormones are fixable, and treatment is available for ovarian cysts (you may not even know you had them). If there is a uterine or cervical malformation (responsible for about 15% of mc, depending on your age) it depends on the type and severity of the malformation.

    Hope that answers some of your questions, and I hope you get your answer from your doctor soon. And people make stupid comments that while well meant, can be incredibly hurtful. Know that most of them mean well, but loss is such an difficult and awkward subject that most do not know how to approach it. The only people who really know how are those that have gone through it. We're all here for you, we've all been through it. Rant, vent, cry, whatever you need.

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