Thank you my angels

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Thank you my angels

Merry Christmas my angels!!

I just opened a present from you two. Daddy said he had a push from you two to buy me the diamond earrings that I have always wanted. Daddy said that he could feel something pushing him to just get them. He made an oragami box and put the diamond earrings in the box and hung the box on the tree. The label on the box said From:Your angels
To:Mommy. I got tears in my eyes and opened the box. The sparkle of the earrings are like the two of you sparkling in the skies.

Rebecca, I miss you so much. I wish I could hold you one more time.
"trouble" although you were never really there (blighted ovum) I still had dreams for you and believe you were trying to be.

I love you both and always will.

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what a sweet dh. sounds like he's missing your little ones too.

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aw Robin, so sweet. Hugs!!

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