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Thanks anngie60

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to say thanks for posting the website link about miscarriage jewellery. I received my bracelet yesterday morning, and it is beautiful. I chose one with birth stones for the month of conception, month of loss, then month of due date. Each birthstone is set around forget me not flowers. It really is unique and personal, and wearing it makes me feel somehow closer to my angel. The bracelet came with a lovely little poem too. I was so impressed with the bracelet and the service, that I just wanted to thank you for bringing my attention to the website. This bracelet will always be something I can treasure, wear, and have to remind and comfort me. People always comment on jewellery, and if anyone points out my bracelet, then perhaps when im feeling stronger ill be able to share my story. I think this will help to keep the memory of my angel alive.

I have posted the link again in case anyone wants to have a look

Thanks again,

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your bracelet sounds a lot like my necklace. I too chose "gems" for those three months and also feel close to Damien every day.