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    My therapist is pregnant.
    Don't get me wrong I AM very excited for her, but she has been my therapist since losing my daughter in 2007. I have recently had a d/e for another loss and today I found out, through her, that she is 22 weeks pregnant. I feel jealous and a little angry for some reason. She knows everything about me and how frustrated I am with everyone around me becoming pregnant. I felt like a knife in my heart today during therapy. Why?
    After she told me she wanted to know if I had any thoughts.....thoughts of course but how can I take a happy moment away from someone because of my selfish jealous self. I am just angry that it hasn't happened to us! Why do some people have no problem getting pregnant and then deliver a happy healthy baby and some of us (like me) have to do IVF and shots and hormones and still end up with nothing but dead memories and empty arms?

    My issue now is..Can I continue to see her and watch her belly grow along with my jealousy? I really like her and have come so far in my therapy with depression and anxiety but what if seeing her causes more harm then good. It still hurts at times to be around a pregnant women. How can I be honest with her when I feel so bad for feeling this way?

    If you got this far thanks for reading.
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    I'm sorry that must have been hard to hear. Do you feel comfortable going back, or do you think you will find antother therapist?

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    I think that you need to tell her what you just told us. That you are happy for her but you are jealous and hurt at the same time.

    I don't know what I would do if I were in your situation. I hope that you find the answers that you need.

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    I agree with Shelly.

    If she's a good therapist, she'll have your best interests at heart AND she'll want you to feel empowered (i.e. being able to tell her how you feel, and then make your choice).

    If I can make a wee suggestion...once you've 'spoken your truth', just sit back and see how she responds: including what options she puts forward for you to choose from. Let her do the work for you (that's what she's paid for).

    You know, if she's a good therapist, she's probably waiting to hear your honesty and would already have some options lined up.

    Hope it all goes very well. Keep us posted!


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    Hugs Robin, that really had to hurt. I like the other suggestions. If you have developed a good rapport and relationship with her, it is hard to start over with another therapist, but yes, at the same time, seeing a pregnant belly would be very hard for me as well.

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    I hope that she can understand your feelings and maybe recommend a colleague that you can see until after she has the baby. I can't imagine that talking to a pregnant lady is going to help.

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    ^^^^^ Good advice!


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