Thinking of Conceiving Angel Babies (M/C & TTC ment.)

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Thinking of Conceiving Angel Babies (M/C & TTC ment.)

Thank you Missy & Sarah for letting me make this post.

I would like to introduce my self. My name is Corinne and I am the host of the Thinking of Conceiving board. It has come to my attention that when the hosts got up and running again I started to make some changes to the board. One of my changes was to close the TOC Graduates thread that was started before I was apart of TOC and to start a new one since the other one was way out of date due to when the boards changed over last year. Since the hosts weren't set up when the move happened I had no way to keep things updated anymore.

When I closed the old Graduates thread and started a new one I had an Old TOC member contact me about how she was sad about the changes. I asked her why and she explained to me that she was upset because she had a miscarriage while she was still a big part of TOC and she was afraid her :angel10: Angel Baby would be forgotten. We talked it over and we came up with keeping all Angel Babies on the New list so they will never be forgotten.

Here is where my Topic come's into effect. When I checked out the old Graduates thread the :angel10: Angel Baby list was very small. I know there were many more women who had a M/C but didn't make it to the list due to the whole Host less power situation. I am here to track down those ladies who were a Part of TOC at one time or another and had an :angel10: Angel Baby that they want to Forever be Remembered.

Please Contact me Via PM to let me know and I will add you to our new Graduates list.

Thank You for Letting me Talk about this.

Missy or Sarah, if you feel my thread needs to be altered in anyway please let me know or you can do so best to support the boards needs. Thanks-

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Thank you for posting. Please let everyone know they can come to our board and post about their angels on our list.