thinking of you all...
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Thread: thinking of you all...

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    Default thinking of you all...

    i know oct 15th was yesterday and i apologize for not posting this yesterday but it was a rough day (something happened at work, i might post about that later - it was in regards to oct 15th)

    anyway i wanted you to know that i was thinking of all of our little ones - and lit my candle in remembrance of my Emma and all of our babies!

    HUGS everyone~

    (also i plan to call my local MPP and discus organizing a walk for next year)
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    I was thinking of all of you too.

    Becca -- what a fabulous idea to organize a walk!!! You go girl!

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    What a great idea Becca. I might even get to join next year for the walk. PM me when you get a chance and tell me what happened.

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