TMI m/c question

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TMI m/c question

so....I've been bleeding off and on for four days, but just lightly.

How long before things pick up??

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I'm very sorry for your loss. I don't know the answer to your question exactly, but I will share what I know. I have heard that different women experience different amounts of bleeding depending on timing and circumstance.

With my recent m/c, I bled heavily for a day and then lightly for a week. My OB thought that was the m/c, but bloodwork revealed otherwise and I had to have a D&C (and I bled for a week after that, too). So, I guess what I am saying is, only bloodwork can reveal the extent to which your m/c is progressing. Are you scheduled to have bloodwork in the near future?

Best of luck with everything; sending you support at this tough time.


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Everyone is different, but for me, once they induced the m/c, I bled heavily for a couple days, then light for what seemed like weeks, then AF came. It felt like it all went on forever. Sorry I couldn't help more.


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Oh gosh, I don't know hon. Each one has been a bit different for me, so I imagine it would be different for everyone, depending on your body. Usually, I'll spot or lightly bleed for a few days, then I'll have heavy bleeding with clotting for anywhere btwn 2-5 days. I think the most important thing is, if you're unsure at all about how things are going, that you call your Dr so he can run blood tests immediately.


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All my losses have been different in regards to how long bleeding lasted...For me, I bled 2-8 weeks (I went right into AF 6 wks later with a few) ...

Along with the blood work, an ultrasound will also give an idea as to what is going on....



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I am miscarrying right now; out and out bleeding started 2 days after I started spotting. I then had 3 days of heavy bleeding with clots, and on the 2nd day of heavy bleeding I passed tissue (I believe it was the placenta - baby was at 6w0d). Today is day 10 and I am still bleeding lightly.

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I don't have an answer. Just wanted to let you know that we are all here for you. I hope that everything takes "care of itself" as it should. Shelly