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Today Show Link

Hello, I copied this message from another site. It is a 4 minute clip from the Today show about Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. I wish I would have known about it when I delivered Lily.

Hello ladies,

Did anyone watch the Today show? I guess they had a story about pregnancy loss and the now I lay me down to sleep organization. Someone sent me the link. It's sad but a great piece. I'm just glad there has been some story on pregnancy loss, it's a pain not much people get unless they have been there. So here's the link

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Thank you for posting this. My sister is a professional photographer and I sent her the link. She is considering being trained and doing this.

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Wow! It's about time that others who haven't gone through this recognize that our children are people who were real and loved.

Erin~mommy to angels Quinn and Elliot

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Thanks or posting this.


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Wow...ty for posting

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THat was an amazing clip. I am in tears with sorrow and with gratefulness at the same time. TFS


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Pics of my angel---

Oh that was WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing that I was bawling watching that clip. I actually have pics from a NILMDTS photographer of Peter. This one's my favorite:


There are a few more on his site but there is a pic of my DD with Peter on the pic page too, so please be aware.

It was an unbelievable blessing to have those pictures. Our reactions when seeing them for the first time at Peter's viewing were quite the same as the couple in the news clip.

We met Jen the photographer through my midwife. The hospital had no idea anything like this existed whichis not surprising to me. They're clueless about so much. It was so refreshing to meet someone new during that time that actually had a heart and respected us and our son.
I hope this news clip really gets the word out.


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Thanks so much for sharing! I was in tears as I watched and I'm glad I know about the service (although of course I pray I'll never need it for me or my loved ones). My loss was a ruptured ectopic so I have nothing, not even an ultrasound (ectopics won't show up in an ultrasound) or even a belly pic (I was too early in) to prove that my Joseph ever existed. He was so tiny and the surgery so quick that there was nothing to bury. That was the hardest thing for me after the loss, not having anything tangible. I felt like I should get over it that much quicker. I ended up ordering an engraved river rock with his name on it for our front garden and that helped a little.

I hope that any parents going through this, who know their little one won't live long, will use this service. You must remember or you can't really grieve (trust me).