Today's the day I have been dreading

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Today's the day I have been dreading

It is my first baby's due date. The day after Mother's Day sure helps...yeah right. I am ok but just sad and really thinking about my 3 babies that I will never get to know or see. I had a dream a few weeks ago about having a baby boy and my last pregnancy I had the feeling that it was a boy and we had even named it. I could see this little boy in my dream and he was so beautiful and I can still see his face and in a way it makes me think that it was my baby boy that had gone away.

I never thought I would hit the 9 month mark with having a baby (I don't think any of us thought we would see our due dates and still be lonely). I keep thinking that I should be going in labor about now. I will have two more of these dreaded days this year. I hope they won't be too bad...

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You have my utter love, and devotion to support. I know how hard this time is - I'm not there yet but will be one day. I dread it as well.. Take care of you.. :comfort:

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