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Tomorrow is my due date. I would be exactly 40 weeks. I should be quite fat, quite pregnant and quite happy. I should be starting my family. But instead I'm without.. without all of those things. I wish everything still was.. I wish more than anything that I could see my baby. I know he would have been beautiful... I bet he would have looked like his daddy. Nothing and no one will ever be able to replace my first baby, my angel... I hope someday I can have another baby though. I've always wanted children... I always knew I'd be a mommy. I'll be so devistated if I can't.
I found out that m/c runs in my family. My grandmother m/c quints between my aunt and mom. (how do you get naturally pg with quints?!?) And my aunt had a m/c and an ectopic and then couldn't have children. I have no idea if my mother ever m/c. I'm so worried about this now, what if I never get another chance... what if I end up unable to have kids? I'm so afraid that the d&c may have lowered my chances even more.

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M/C may not "run" in your family. I know this day is hard. I wish that you were in the hospital having your baby. But just keep saying, someday you WILL be that woman being wheeled out with her new child. You are a wonderful mommy! :bighug:

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:bighug: Thinking of you and your little one that has passed on Sad

Try not to get ahead of yourself!!! My mom has had no losses. My sister Mary had two (one they think the baby contracted a virus..and could not fend it off. The other, she got preg right after...Not sure why it happened. Maybe her lining was not thick enough yet? She has 3 live children) My sister Patsy (3 live children) has had none. My dad's mom had 2 (she has two dad, and his sister (she died at 17 Sad )

Anyways, my point??? I am the only one who suffers from infertility in the one else does. So, get the idea it running in your family, out of your head!!

You *will* be a mommy one day...You *will* hold your baby one day. Hold onto those thoughts..


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I am so sorry this must be a tough time. I am new to the M/C area but no one I know of in my family has had any losses but me. But I admit, I share your fears. I wish you good luck and big hugs