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u/s update

I just had my follow-up u/s. My doctor won't get the results for 2 days, but the tech was nice enough to show me what she saw. She spotted one tiny bit of tissue in my uterus that she thought would probably just go away on its own. She said nothing about my tubes.

I'm disappointed that there is still tissue left, but happy that there doesn't seem to be anything else. I'm going to stop obsessing about pos. HPTs for a while now that I know they will be pos for another bit. (At least I won't POAS again tomorrow :wink:)

And still no :lovebed: for me for a while Sad

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Well i'm glad to hear that things seem okay honey. It's just one part further on in your grief and healing. :giveflower:

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One more step taken. Good job.
Sorry you need to hold off :lovebed: but glad you are willing. Some lose interest and that adds a whole new level of complications.


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Glad things went okay. Sorry about having to hold off a little longer on DTD. ((HUGS))


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Glad everything went as well as they could...hang in there! Smile

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Glad to here that your doc thinks all will continue to progress on its own....no intervention needed...

*Try* not to poas for a while.....Give yourself another few weeks.. :bighug:


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Glad things went well and I am also sorry you have to wait to DTD. Sending Hugs your way.

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Im glad all seems to be going well, im sure thingsit wont be long before things start returning to normal (((HUGS)))

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I am glad that you got some answers. I hope things get better for you.