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Well, DH had his surgery for his hernia on the third. All went well. Thank god for that. I broke down in tears in the elevator back down to the waiting room when he went through the doors to go to the holding room. I was scared to see him with all of the IV tubes in him but I am just so grateful that it went well. I was terrified up until the moment that I saw him and he spoke to me. Thank you ladies for listening to me vent and cry and just spaz out. I also started my psych class on the second. There are some technical glitches with the website so I can't take my quizes right now. That is not so bad though, the quizes aren't graded and the final exam is a written multiple choice test. I hope that all of you amazing ladies are having decent days.


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I am so happy to hear that your DH surgery went well. I hope his recovery is smooth and quick. You are the amazing one, so strong and amazing. Good luck with school.


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I'm glad to hear everything went well. I hope he has a speedy recovery! Smile


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I'm glad to hear all went well. Surgery scares me, too.

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I'm glad everything went well with your DH's surgery. I'm sure you had a million thoughts running through your head. :bigarmhug:


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Shelly, so glad to hear that everything went well. You have every right to spaz. I do it quite often myself. Smile

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I'm pleased to hear that the surgery went well. :bighug:

Best of luck with your studyies too chick! Biggrin


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So glad to hear that everything went well. Your course should keep you pretty busy.

Take care

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Glad to hear that his surgery went well!

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