UPDATE #2: m/c naturally last night

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UPDATE #2: m/c naturally last night

Within the last hour or so, my cramps have became rather painful. For those of you who had to miscarry naturally at home, how long after your cramps became painful did you actually pass everything? I just feel kind of on edge. I wish I knew what to expect. I've been spotting-(turned to light bleeding) since late Sun. night. Any advice? Can I expect something to happen tonight or probably not?

I miscarried naturally last night. It came on pretty fast. From start to finish it lasted 9 hours. The painful cramps started at 6:30pm and I started really bleeding shortly after that. By 8pm, I was having severe cramps and the bleeding was heavier than I've ever experienced in my life. I got kind of scared because I kept passing large clots (tissue and everything else) and it was a really weird feeling and sensation. I'm almost positive I passed everything because it was a lot. Pain wise, I never felt like I couldn't handle it, but I def. needed to breathe through the pain. At one point I was worried that I was losing too much blood. I'll spare you all the details, but I felt like it just kept gushing. By 3:30 am the worst was over. I passed one last large thing and like a switch, my cramps subsided and the bleeding slowed down. It was a life-changing experience. It's something I'll always have memories of.
Unforunately, my DH just couldn't handle all of this and really wasn't there for me. He stayed downstairs and even left to run an errand at one point. I pretty much miscarried all by myself. He went to bed and never voiced any concern that I might be losing to much blood. The doctor had told us to go to the ER if I filled more than 3 pads in 3 hours. If we were erring on the side of caution, I should have gone in. By 3:30 I felt dizzy and light-headed.
I woke up this morning feeling really angry at him for not being with me while I was going through it. He pretty much just shut down and couldn't face what was happening. I know that time will heal our wounds, both physically and emotionally. We talked a little bit ago and he seems so depressed which is so unlike him. I know he is hurting, but I can't help but feel abandoned. This has been such an emotional nightmare for both of us so are emotions are running high. Obviously, I'm better at expressing them.
I am going in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning to make sure I passed everything. If not, I'll have a D&C on Friday. I highly doubt that's going to happen though.
Thanks for all the advice. I'll KUP.

UPDATE#2- I went to the doctor again today and she checked me and I am still dilated. She could see some more tissue on my cervix so she removed what she could see. Yeah, that hurt like a b*tch. I'm going in tomorrow morning and if my cervix is still open, I am having a D&C within the hour. So far this evening the cramps have lessened dramatically and the bleeding has FINALLY slowed down so I am still hopeful I can avoid the procedure. Please keep me in your thoughts.

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My cramps never got really bad (I didn't need painkillers), but I can tell you I started bleeding on a Thursday night, and passed the placenta (and possibly the embryo which was at 6w0d) on Saturday morning. It stayed heavy through Sunday and then got lighter and finished 5 or 6 days later.


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I don't have any advice for you as my loss was a still birth. I just wanted to say that I am so very sorry that you have to go through this.


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I mildly cramped for over a week and once it got bad it felt like labor for a few hours-i went to the ER. they had to do a D&C the next day because although i was cramping so badly, nothing was happening on it's own. If it continues and nothing happens, you should call your dr-some women's bodies don't let go as quickly as others and you can run the risk of an infection...i'm so sorry. i was praying that it wouldn't come to this for you-i hope things progress quickly for you-i know how much pain you are in...

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It does sound like you could be starting to miscarry - but if it gets too painful, I would definitely call the doctor. I had a missed miscarriage and I did not bleed, ended up with d & c, but they did tell me if I had started to bleed, and was worried to go straight in. I think if it is too painful, they may be able to give you an emergency d & c (I know that sounds drastic, but I believe it can be alot less traumatic than the worry of natural m/c) Even if you do feel that you have had a m/c please request an ultrasound to check that the m/c is complete and the uterus is empty to reduce the risk of infection. Please call your doctor though if you are at all worried. Im really sorry you are going through this. You are in my thoughts.

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I miscarried naturally my first loss and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It was very painful, I ended up going into labor really. First the waves of pain were every five minutes and then over a 24 hour period, they got closer together. I was on the floor kicking and screaming in pain for much of it, until I went to the hospital and got pain killers. I was in denial though, so I refused to let them do a D&C and just went home with vicodin or some such pain killer. That helped. But then I was back in the hospital the next night and lost my baby then. Anyway, for me, once the bleeding started it was about 36-40 hours later that I finally miscarried completely. Like I said, I started going through labor the first night, and I could time the waves of pain. I hope that helps. You will need to be seen by a doctor at some point so they can make sure you completely passed every thing so you don't get an infection.

I am so sorry you are going through this.

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Sorry if this is TMI for anyone....

I went through this on Monday (21st). I found out I was having a missed misscarrage in the morning. I started bleeding on Saturday night and went to hospital. I was cared for as my bleeding got a bit worse but not gushing out (There were a few ladies in my ward also having a m/c loosing a lot of blood) I was sent home as things looked like they were moving on their own with out a D&C. I started to get bad cramps in the middle of the afternoon. About 7pm they were turning into contractions. at about 9.30 I was going to call the doc because of the pain but everything came out naturally and the pain stopped right away. I was in shock but relieved it was all over. My DH was very brave and stopped with me to help me through it the whole time, he wouldn't leave my side!! I have been bleeding since but only light. I have another scan to make sure I'm ok on the 5th Feb. But I think most of it is over now

I hope this is helpful to you and I hope that you get through it quickley!!!!! (((hugs)))

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I hope it has already happened. My natural m/c took 4 hours at 11 weeks and I'm really glad I didn't do a d&c or drugs.

It was very similar to full-term labour, except the pain is in a smaller area, so not nearly as bad overall.

I went through a time that was similar to 'transition' in full-term labour. If you suddenly feel like the contractions are right on top of each other, that might be what's happening. Just know that transition is right at the end and you are almost there!

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I was just checking in to see if you posted again. I wanted to make sure you were doing okay. I know this is a hard time. Please PM me if you need anything.

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ETA:[sorry, I guess I got kinda graphic...this is a warning]

I don't know if I'm crazy...but I kinda having other's situations to compare to, to hear their stories. I guess because if you are having a m/c then you have something to say 'oh, this doesn't sound anything like what everyone else went through, I better get help' or such.
With my natural m/c (it seems odd to call it that...it really is like being in labor, I guess, I've never had full term labor though) I started bleeding on Saturday, bleed all through sunday and had the baby (9wks 2days, clearly a baby though) that night. 'Transition' (really the only time the contractions were bad and I had to concentrate to get through them) only lasted about 15 minutes, the time it took me to drive home from work (yes, my job wouldn't let me leave even though I cried and screamed and said "my baby is dying right now!") I almost wrecked my car 3 times, and had the baby almost as soon as I walked in the door to our apartment. DH nearly passed out when I came through the door literally dripping blood...
We sat on the bathroom floor, just sat there for about a half an hour I guess...but it felt like an eternity... I just stared, holding Alana...and DH cried, cried like his heart was broken. I think I've only seen him cry once before that. My sister came and took us to the hospital... it took them a while to figure out what was wrong with me, they said I was in shock, lost quite a bit of blood... I was sheet white when I got there. They kept asking me stupid questions, like I killed her...like she wasn't really a baby. I remember the iv was really cold, it made my fingers blue... and I wouldn't let them put her in the plastic tub, I made her a little bed on a washcloth...but they took her away anyway and wouldn't tell me where she went.
I think this is the first time I've said this....first time I've really acknowledged, felt it...ha, I'm crying so hard now. I miss her. What a silly word "miss"...not nearly large enough to explain this huge gaping black hole of emptyness in my chest.... but I do, I miss her. 4 months its been...almost 5 months... I don't think I've allowed myself to cry until now, I think...I think that just now, at this moment, I've finally just accepted that she's gone...I can never get her back, ever.

I'm...I'm gunna go have a good long cry now... and maybe wallow for a little while... thanks for letting me talk guys...

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My heart just aches for all of you ladies. It is so unfair that we all have to go through this pain. Big hugs!