Update on me...

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Update on me...

I had a D&C on 7/22 after spending the night at the emergency room. Finally I went into labor after a week of on again, off again cramping. It was like a switch went off and suddenly the pains were 20 minutes long and overlapping each other. I began to hemmorage and it was very scary. I bleed through 5 pads in 40 minutes.
I also had my tubes clamped while I was under anesthetic.
It was the best choice for me. I'm too old to be doing this over and over, and each time they just get harder and harder physically.
I feel 10,000 times better physically since the D&C and after having both a natural miscarriage and a D&C I personally would recommend a D&C to any woman. Somehow the emotional recovery is easier and faster to get started.
I don't regret getting a tubal, but I do regret that the situation came to this. I simply feel that if I can't carry a child to term, I really NEED o stop getting pregnant.
I am at total peace with the idea that I am not a birth mother.
The world needs both birth mothers and adopted mothers to make things run easily.

I chose a unique and special way to honor the 2 babies that had a heart beat before they passed, though I haven't done this last baby yet.
I got a pierce in my ear for the babies birthstone.
But I have a dilemma about this last baby.
When I found I was pregnant I went over my calender and my SO and I deduced that the baby was concieved in March (because I had 2 of the strangest periods ever and I was acting odd). hat would make the baby due in December. When we had our first ultrasound we found the baby to be at an impossible measurement. It was literally impossible for the baby to be that age...unless we're talking about a real imaculate conception.
Anyway...the ultrasound said the baby was due in February. I never really accepted that...it's just not possible. 4 days later the baby died. It was just genetically not viable.

So now I need to pierce my ear. My last baby would have been due in March, so I have an Aquamarine, which is light blue. February is Amethyst, but I just am not feeling February. I'm still feeling December. December is Blue Topaz or Turquoise, which is a darker blue.
But I don't want 2 blue.
So I was thinking of getting a pink earring.
One blue and one pink, like a girl and a boy.
It would/could also signify October's Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month.
What do you think?

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I'm glad you're feeling somewhat better, and on the road to healing.
I have two holes in each ear, and have recently been wearing an amethyst and a sapphire in each ear, the D&C month and the EDD month. I also made a bracelet (or rather the bracelet part of my medical alert tag) with those two colours.
Zircon is also a birthstone for December, it can be blue, brown, red, yellow, or colourless. It's a nice stone.

*Child ment*

Adoptive mothers are great. I'm a fan. Seven years ago I gave a baby up to adoptive parents, she was conceived by rape. They love her with all their hearts, and I know that she is in a place where she is loved and given every chance she would not have had with me if I had kept her at that time. I know she is safe, I know she is loved, I was given the chance to grow up more myself (I had just turned 17 when she was born), and they were given the chance to have and raise a child. It worked out for the best for all of us.

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Sending hugs.

Child ment

I am an adoptive mom! I adopted Jonathan from Korea when he was 8 months old.

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I think the blue and pink would be sweet Biggrin

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. This is never an easy thing to go through :bigarmhug: