Update on me (pg ment)

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Update on me (pg ment)

I just wanted to update you ladies. DH and I started TTC this month and yesterday I got 2 BFP's! I took one test at home and one at my new OB's office. I coincidentally had an appt with her yesterday morning to go over my history so that she and her office would be prepared for my next pregnancy...isn't that convenient? I really like my new OB by the way...she is very thorough and very down to Earth!

It is still very early and I've had some spotting so I'm having my betas checked every other day to be sure that they're increasing and I'm set to have an u/s done at 6 weeks to be sure the little one is in the uterus where he/she belongs. So please keep us in your thoughts and pray that the little eggie found it's way to the right spot!

~ Heidi
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Congrats and good luck!!!

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Comgratulations honey!!! I am sooo pleased for you. Smile

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Yahoo! Great news. :goodluck:


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Sending tons and tons of sticky vibes your way!!

HH9M!!!! Biggrin


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Have a wonderful, HH9M!!!

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Thanks for the happy wishes girls!!!