UPDATE memorial today

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UPDATE memorial today

Thank you ladies for giving me the strength to go to the memorial at the hospital. It was a beautiful ceremony and wall dedication. I was very surprised to see my 2 brothers, my sil and her mother along with my niece and nephew attend. All I ever wanted was acknowledgement from my family about my daughter and her death. I received that today and a little bit of peace with it.

I know I will still have bad days but hopefully they will be fewer apart. Thank you again for your encouragement.


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Glad your family could be there for you during this sad time. Hope it was a beautiful cerimony.

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I am so happy for you. Happy that it went as well as possible. It is wonderful that your family was there and you got the acknowledgement you needed. I could almost just cry because I know what it must have meant to see them there. Way to go and good for you for going too. It takes a lot of strength for us to overcome the situations that 'scare', for lack of a better term, us. You did it, and I think it's wonderful.


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I'm glad you went and had so much support.

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I am so glad to hear that your family showed up and gave you the recognition for your loss that you needed and deserved. I am also glad to hear that it was a beautiful ceremony. Each little bit helps with the healing. Yes there will be bad days. However, eventually they won't be so soul numbingly devastating. I hope that your better moments string together for longer and longer amounts of time.


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I am so so glad to hear that you went and it's wonderful that your family were there for you too.