update on Rh1430

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update on Rh1430

Hello ladies,

It has been awhile since I posted. I have been hanging out on the IVF board. I miss you guys a lot though. Update on me incase anyone was wondering. I am on the IVF wagon. I had an ultrasound done to see what is going on inside, I started BC pills (they like to take your cycle over) tomorrow I have a sono in which they inject saline into your uterus to see if everything really is clear and good to go. If it is I will have my frozen embryo transfer around May 14th. If it isn't clear I will have surgery sometime to fix whatever it is they see. I am very nervous and scared. I don't want to lose another child but I know I need to do this at least one more time. I really want to have a child. I am 33 and have none. I have 2 nephews and 1 niece. Two baby cousins and my husband has 2 Godchildren. But I want us to have our own. I am just scared, hopeful, nervous, excited and a lot of different emotions. I am sure it is all normal.

I still miss Rebecca and I always will. I still talk to her almost daily and she is always on my mind. I hope she knows that I don't want to replace her just to give her a baby brother or sister.

I hope everyone is doing as good as they can. I will check back from time to time.
Thinking of you all,

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Good luck.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for keeping us updated hun, I have been wondering how you are.

Im glad you are going to try again. You definitely deserve to have your turn, and ill be hoping that everything turns out well for you. I understand what you mean about one baby never replacing another, and im certain Rebecca would love to see you happy with a baby brother or sister for her. I pray you get your wish. (((hugs to you)))

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I am sure your little Rebecca knows that you are not trying to replace her.... I am guessing she wants her mommy and daddy to be able to raise an earth bound baby...her little brother or sister...one that she will meet one day.

Please kup on how all goes with your testing...I am really hoping that you are given some answers...That said, just remember..Even if you do not get any...this does not mean that you will never have another baby...There is always hope...You can stalk my profile if you don't believe that!!

Hang in there :bighug:


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(((HUGS))) I pray you have a successful IVF transfer and a healthy baby! A friend of mine from my last base is doing her IVF transfer around the same time as you, they lost their first to blighted ovum.

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I don't really have very much time to spend online, but I am always comforted by all of the kind words that I read on here when I do. Good luck with your IVF transfer! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hey you! Had to pop in and tell you I was thinking of you and here you were. I'll be thinking of you Smile and KUP!!


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I am happy to hear that you are in a good place now.