Using your suggestions...

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Using your suggestions...

Hi All,

Using your feedback and suggestions, below is the new beginning to my letter to my local MP's to lobby for action. I incorporated a summary of all of your ideas -- had to keep it short and sweet, or it just would have gone on and on (like me, sometimes!! ).

I welcome any more feedback from anyone, to finalize this. Then, off it goes. I work close to the offices of our State and Federal MP's (two well respected, action taking women, by the way) -- so I'm just going to walk on in there and hand deliver them to their staff. And then follow up. Yeah, I'm a butt kicker!

Thanks for everything,

Here's the start of the lamended letter:

32% of pregnancies end in loss. For example, an estimated 1 out of every 4 women, whom you see on the sidewalks of Gilmore, has suffered a miscarriage. And for each, others are grieving too: her partner, their parents, the baby’s siblings, and their friends. As both a miscarriage survivor and one of your constituents, I ask for your support.

The USA and Canada recognise Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day annually on 15 Oct (Details at: They hold remembrance ceremonies, with candles being lit at 7 pm in each time zone, to honour and remember their babies. I’d like to see Australia recognize this official day as well.

Why is recogniton so important to our healing? Let’s start with the statistics. Every year, across the developed world:
·An estimated 500,000 miscarriages occur; the vast majority of which from unexplained causes;
·1 in every 148 babies is stillborn, with 73% unexplained;
·1% of all reported abortions are conducted strictly because of foetal abnormalities; and
·1 in every 2000 babies die from SIDS

What is even more tragic is that the deaths of so many babies could have been prevented with pre-natal screening. For example Vasa Praevia is a condition where the mother often shows no symptoms at all. 1 in every 2500 births results in stillbirth due to severe haemorrhaging caused by Vasa Praevia: its infant mortality rate is 95%. Yet when this condition is pre–natally diagnosed (using ultrasound technology), the survival rate is 100%. (Details: ).

[...and the letter goes on from there...]

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like the things you added in, and cannot wait to hear their response to you!

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Very good!

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This sounds good. Keep us posted on what you hear back. :bighug: