Waiting to miscarry

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Waiting to miscarry

I started with extremely intense cramps last night, like the period from hell. Woke me up at probably 3am, and have been going btw light to severe until now (almost noon). I have had maybe one drop of spotting, and nothing else. How did it go for all of you? I am wondering if I should start timing them like contractions or something?

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I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I dont have any advice to offer.

I do remember a lady on here used to say that having a m/c was labour, but too soon. If you think of the pains like contractions, perhaps you can manage the pain easier? I dont know, i've never experienced that before.


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I am so sorry Sad

Yes, you are *contracting* as one goes into *labor* regardless as to how far along one was in their pregnancy.....

My losses were all different in regards to how long the contractions lasted...when the bleeding started to become more consistent ..increase..

I found what helped me was a heating pad on high...I also felt this helped me to *release* more easily..

If the bleeding does not start to increase during the day...It may start to during the evening, when sleeping...As your body is more relaxed then, more willing to let go.

Just in case, prior to going to bed...Put a few bed liners under you while sleeping....Also, double up on some heavy duty over night pads...



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I'm so sorry.

I found that I couldn't time my miscarriage cramps...they were continuous. So much that I opted for pain meds at the hospital to help control my pain. I did start cramping a few hours before I started bleeding though...probably 3 or 4 hours.


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thanks for the info ladies. I think it is kind of like you said Emily, they are so continuous, then they stop for a few hours, and start up again. I feel very weakish and kind of light headed. Trying my hardest to take it easy. Smile

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I am so sorry you have to go through this. To answer your question the first miscarriage I had I didn't even know it happened. But the 2nd was at 7 weeks and I miscarried naturally. I don't remember "contractions" so to speak. What I do remember is a lot of cramps just a little more severe than a period. I bled heavier than a period but store bough pads were enough to handle the flow, I just had to check and change a bit more often. I would get clots, but that would happen mostly when I was in the bathroom and they didn't hurt.

The doctor recommended to me 2-3 Advil 200's (up to a max of 600) every 4 hours for pain. The advil was recommended over tylenol because it has the ability to reduce swelling.
Things could be different if your loss is later than mine but I hope it isn't too painful and that you will recover as quickly as possible.

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I was at 11 1/2 weeks and had a natural m/c at home. Mine were like contractions. They started off slow and I did pass a couple small clots. They gradually got more painful and more frequent. I spent about 3 hours on the toilet because the bleeding was so heavy. I never took anything for pain but did end up going to the er. I hope it goes quickly and as painlessly as possible :bigarmhug:

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I'm so sorry. I had intense back pain like I get w/ AF. I also had a lot of clots. Once the pain got really bad it didn't ease up until I had the m/c. I hope you are doing ok today. I'll be thinking of you.

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thanks for more info ladies. I took 2 aleve last night (I know you are only supposed to take 1, but I typically take 2 for migraines, cause thats all that works for me). They barely touched it. I guess if it gets too bad, I have some hydrocodone leftover from some dental procedures. Smile But I hate that stuff cause it makes me loopy.

Still not even a spot, just on and off cramping, a lot less intense right now.

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I am so sorry. I am keeping you in my thoughts.