We chose a name... (children ment.)

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We chose a name... (children ment.)

We decided it was time to choose a name for the baby, mainly because I wanted the boys to have another way to refer to him/her than "the dead baby." We were going to go with Victor, since that was the name we were leaning toward before the m/c, but we decided we needed to include the boys in the decision. They came up with the name Travis, and we all agreed that would be the name for our angel.

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Travis is a great name. I am glad that you decided to name your little angel.

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I love that name! I'm so glad you decided on one because i know it has helped a lot of ladies to name their angels.

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That's a wonderful name Deb

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what a great name. it is even more special since the boys were involved in choosing.


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That is a beautiful name. It definitely helped us to name our baby as well.

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Deb, that's a great, strong name...perfect for a little brother. :bigarmhug:

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I am glad you came up with a name. I really like Travis as a name.