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Weekly Check-in

How is everyone dealing with things now that the Holidays are over?

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Rough time here. My edd was dec 29th or so, and I am sure I would have had the baby before then. I made it through the holidays okay, had a few rough moments. Reading some posts here brought back lots of memories for me, and the timing had the emotions already there, so I had a good cry. I say a good cry because it was kind of therapeutical, ya know.

Unfortunately fighting with my mother right now has emotions running high, and when emotions run high, I tend to think about the other things that suck in my life. Sad

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I'm sorry.

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I'm still a bit sore, so that's a constant reminder. But I'm so, so glad that the new year is here. I know to some it's just a date, but for me it means we can start over. I'm trying to squash this feeling of "gloom and doom" that it could happen again, but for the most part I'm looking forward to AF and my OB appointment so we can start trying again.

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Things are rough for me tonight. Allen goes back to work tomorrow and I'm not sure how I'm going to function. I have friends coming to sit with me some this week, but I'm still nervous. I've sort of lived in an alternate reality the last week and a half and now it's back to life. It's this reminder that while my world STOPPED a little over a week ago and I've been sitting still in God's arms, other people have been going on with life as usual. The world feels like such a fast place right now and I just want to stay in this place of resting in God's arms for a while longer. I know God will be with me step by step as I adjust...but...I'm scared.