Well not TTC again for awhile...

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Well not TTC again for awhile...

Well I went to a new OBGYN and he did a full blood work up on DH and I. Everything came out normal except I have a blood clotting disorder that I can't remember the name of. Our OB has instructed us to NOT get pregnant again until he says it is okay. He is sending me to a peritinologist (sp) to look over the blood results.

Does anyone have this blood disorder? If so, can you offer any advice? My doctor said that when I do get pg again, I will probably be prescribed Heparin where I would give myself shots every day during the pregnancy directly into my tummy.

I am kind of upset and scared, but I keep telling myself this news could have been MUCH worse. So far this is the only negative thing we have found out since both of our losses.

I just wondered if there is anyone out there that has this disorder or heard anything about it? Thanks in advance for any advice. Smile


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posted on another board, but just wanted to say sorry that you have to put of ttc for a bit. I hope the perinatologist has oodles of helpful info.

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I am sorry you have to wait Sad But it is best that you do...

You may have already received this info...But if not, just wanted to tell you that many women on preg.org have blood clotting disorders...use heparin or lovenox to treat them...And they have gone on to have successful pregnancies as a result!!

Marie :bighug:

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I am sorry to hear that you have to wait even longer. However, if a cause is found and there is a way to avoid it again, then the wait is worth it. I pray you find the answers that are what you want and will help.


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I am so sorry Michelle, I know from experience that waiting is the hardest thing. And I am also very sorry for your loss.

Just to give you some background, I have had two early losses 5wks and 7wks (no other pregnancies). This cycle is our 3rd attempt to TTC.

I just went to the perinatal specialist (I have no idea how to spell it either!) last month. My OB sent me for blood work after my second loss last year and told me I had a blood clotting disorder, but when he sent me to the speicalist, he sent me for even more blood work. I have two different disorders (I'm not clear on everything I have, but I do know I have one mutation on the MTHFR gene and two gene mutations with the PAI-1 gene).

The specialist put me on Metanex (which is a specially formulated folic acid), baby aspirin, and a prenatal vitamin (he also put me on Metformin because he believes I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom). This is all until we conceive (we just ov'd last week so we're hoping for a BFP early next week). Once we conceive (or maybe even earlier, I'm waiting to hear from the specialist this week), I will move on to Lovenox (sp?) which is the heparin your doc told you about. It's just the brand name. It's an injection I will have to take every day of the preg. I guess it's kinda like insulin.

PM me if you have any questions, though I can only speak from my experience. I do know that on the Today Show they highlighted the blood clotting disorders a few months ago and the woman they interviewed now has two healthy children. I'll try to find the link to it.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line. You are most certainly not alone. Unfortunately there isn't an enormous amount of info out there so most of what I've learned, I've learned from the lovely ladies on Preg.org and my doc. (I prefer the ladies personally!) Wink

Lots of luck sweetie!!!!


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The link to the Meredith Viera video is in the article in the first paragraph.

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I know it may not seem like it right now, but in a way, the blood clotting disorder is good news! It means that there is a known cause, and it's one that they can do something about next time. So many people have problems that are never diagnosed or have no cure - the blood clotting problem is common and much can be done to resolve it.

I know it's scary and overwhelming to find out something like this. But your doctors will make sure you get the care you need and that is the great thing.