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I can't believe what some people say to you.....its unbelievable.

So a girl at work came up to me and said, Oh Michelle, I heard about what happened, i'm very sorry for you what you are going through. Then she said "I know exactly what you are going through, I had to have an abortion in December" I was like WHAT???? you think having a miscarriage and having an abortion is the same thing......i almost punched her in the face. She said because she was travelling to China because her father was ill that she couldn't have the baby. Okay, she was right at the beginning of her pregnancy, and she was basically going to China to say goodbye, they knew that her father was going to die, which is extremely sad, don't get me wrong, but to me, not a reason to end a pregnancy. She was over there for only 2 weeks.
I think she could tell by my reaction that i was not overly sympathetic to her. Come on Lady....what do you expect, i lost a baby i wanted more than anything in this world, you chose to end your pregnancy.
It makes me wonder about people. My sister is also one of those people. The other day she was over and my two nieces were acting up and being kids, and she looked at me and said "Is that enough birth control for you?"

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OMG,what a beaotch.I don't know how you controlled yourself for that one.You are a better woman then me.And I know how annoying that comment about them thinking seeing their kids makes us want none gets on my nerves as well {{{hugs}}}

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wow. some people are unbelievable.

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People are so dumb!!!!!

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last week, when i was still blissfully pregnant, i was talking to a girl i work with, saying how i was scared of miscarrying again, that my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and how hard that was. she was like "yeah, my friend just had a miscarrigae. well, an abortion."

that is NOT the same thing. im not trying to discount the emotional pain of an abortion at all. but this pain is so totally different. i would have done anything to save my baby. your friend would have done anything to get rid of hers. dont get me wrong, im pro-choice. i just... i dont know.

i am not looking forward to going back to work and dealing with those sorts of comments. no one gets it. well, some women understand. but so many people dont, and it is definitely really hard.

hugs and much love to you as you get through this.

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Some people are just morons. I was talking to my pastor's wife this weekend about her experience, she had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, and she said is was very important for them to tell people and have them know what they were going through. I can understand that, but I don't want to tell people because I totally couldn't deal with jerkoffs like the one you are describing.

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I am really sorry hun. I wonder about people sometimes.


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I am so sorry that you had to deal with comments like that. THey are beyond belief. You are more the woman than I. I would not have been able to hold my tongue. I would have said that you choosing to destroy your precious child is nothing like me losing mine that was wanted so dearly. As for your sister, I would have thrown her out on her scrawny butt!!!!!!!!! I have no tolerance any more. I am so very sorry for your loss. Please come here and let anything out that you need to at any time.


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I'm so sorry people are saying off things to you! WHen I lost my son, I got a lot of it. Sadly, most of it came from family. My friends didn't know what to say aside from I'm sorry, but most of them, at the time were pregnant. We were all due within two weeks of each other, so I kinda showed them that it could happen to anyone! But my sister, who mind you had, had never been pregnant is probably the worst. We had genetic testing done because he was out four loss, had gotten the farthest. From it, nothing was genetically wrong, but we found out he was in fact, a boy. We had a name picked out from the time I found out, and sure enough, the boy name is what we called him. My sister, even a year later, questions why I call him by his name. I'll get "You know, it wasn't like he was born"... SO?

As far as the abortion girl, I'll pray for her. She's gonna need it to be that heartless! And for your sister, ouch! I have very low tolerance to some of the things people say, even my husbands grandmother. She called me up to inform me "Ya know, most people loose their first"... as I screamed "It was my fourth" and hung up. I haven't talked to her since.