What do you do when you feel nervous?
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Thread: What do you do when you feel nervous?

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    Question What do you do when you feel nervous?

    Thanks to your kind support, I found the strength (and the pushiness!) to get appointments with my MP's. Happening within the next two weeks!

    Suddenly I'm excited AND nervous, at the same time. I'm confident about what to say and how to say it, but I've never done this before. It's been over 5 years since I was last 'political' (i.e. joining demonstrations, etc) -- and now I've jumped in with both feet! Oh my.

    But I just feel so DRIVEN to help raise awareness -- and ultimately, help to save more babies!! My drive is so strong within me -- wow! I'm on fire! I so want to help to spare anyone this level of intense grief. The statistics are shocking -- how often pregnancy and infant loss still occurs. It's the 21st century, for heaven's sake!

    I feel it in my blood -- that this is what I'm meant to be doing. It's just something I 'know' with such absolute certainty. The last time I felt this 100% certain about anything was when I said "I do" at my wedding (honest! Yeah, he's fab!). Well, I'm feeling it 100% again. There's not a shred of doubt in my mind.

    So why on earth should I feel nervous?!

    I don't know! Any ideas on handling these 'butterflies in the stomach'?

    Thank you again. You are all so terrific.


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    That is so great that you are doing this! My step mom is one of my great friends and I told her about my butterflies recently when I went for a job interview and she told me something that really helped. She said anytime you feel butterflies, you know something really exciting and really wonderful is about to happen. She said to embrace the butterflies and just know that something special is coming.

    I hope that helps you!

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    Aww... I love what your step-mom said!

    Nicole, I think it is great that you are so gung-ho about this, and I think it is awesome that you know you were meant to do this! I pray that all goes well and things are done quickly! As to the butterflies, yeah,no advice, sorry!

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