What NOT to do when miscarrying....
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Thread: What NOT to do when miscarrying....

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    Default What NOT to do when miscarrying....

    I hope the light-hearted tone of this update doesn't offend anyone. It's just the way I deal with rough situations....

    Anyway, the good news is my body finally got the message to naturally miscarry the 7.5 week old fetus that did not have a heartbeat... (took about 3.5 weeks for it to finally figure it out, but whatever....)

    The bad news is that body DIDN'T read the ENTIRE message. I know I specified a neat and efficient natural miscarriage.


    I started spotting a few days ago, but the bleeding began in earnest on Monday evening. I sat on the toilet passing large clots and just bleeding profusely for about 2.5 hours. I think I was vaguely aware that my doctor told me to call her if I soaked through a pad in an hour. I'm sure I was doing more than that, but it's hard to really keep track when it's all going into the toilet.

    Anyway, I nearly passed out when I finally stood up and fortunately, DH was around and insisted on taking me to the hospital. I would have preferred to sleep it out, but he was right this time. My blood pressure was 60/40 (that's HALF of normal), and I had four edgy ER doctors and nurses trying to pump fluids into me. Add to that, my heart rate was dropping instead of speeding up (as is usual during low blood pressure), so I'm sure that made them even more nervous.

    They called my Ob-Gyn, who came over to the ER at around 11:00 pm and started digging around to find the problem. It appears a tissue caught in the cervix, keeping it open, hence the continual bleeding.

    So, the good news is, the ER sonogram confirmed that the miscarriage was complete. D&C probably no longer needed. Whee!

    The bad news was I needed two pints of blood and an overnight stay at the hospital. I'm not a large person and I probably don't have much more than 6 pints to begin with. If they pumped 2 pints into me, and I'm still coming up short (my blood pressure leaving the hospital was about 100/60, still below normal), you gotta wonder exactly how much did I lose? Half my blood... in 2.5 hours?

    Later, my Ob-Gyn tells me that they were monitoring my urine output too because the kidney functions start to fail when there's significant blood loss.

    Fun, fun, fun. A heck of a story to tell the kids one day.

    I'm doing alright today; pretty much feeling back to normal although the doctor has given me permission to panic promptly at the faintest signs of lightheadedness. I'm going back to see her again in two weeks for a follow up visit.

    Anyway, the main lesson learned on what NOT to do when miscarrying... it's NOT good to bleed rapidly for 2.5 hours even when you think you should be bleeding.

    I think my close call threw DH into a panic. I'm emotionally and mentally ready (even if my body is not) to start TTC again, but he just gave me a 'ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND' look when I mentioned it to him today. I think he needs a bit of time to get over HIS fright!

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    Oh my,I bet that was scary for poor DH.Thank goodness he insisted on taking you to the ER.I hope everythnig turns out ok healthwise and you are back to TTC when you are both ready.

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    I like your light hearted apprach to it, it's how I feel about my m/c too.

    I'm glad your better now though, it was a good job you went to ER when you did!! When I told my DH I wanted to TTC again right away he just looked at me as he was there sorting me out when the baby left me and I think he was scared for life!!

    I'm glad your better now!

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    OMG I can't believe what you went thru. I hope you are resting comfortably at home now. Dh and the dr's did a good job taking care of you.

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    OH MY! I am so sorry to hear what you had to go though. Please take some time and rest up....

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    OMG!!!!!!!! I am so thankful that you are alright. Your poor DH!!!! He must still be out of his mind with worry. I understand your need to TTC, but I think you might want to give him a little time to collect himself. I am sure that he probably thought that he was going to lose you and doesn't want to take that chance again so soon. I am so very sorry for your loss but so thankful that you are alright.


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    I'm glad you are feeling better. That must have been so scary.

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    I so hope you are feeling better. What a scary thing to happen. It's bad enough you have to go through a loss, but all that on top, jjjeezzzzzzzzzzz. But it is good that you are trying to be light-hearted about the whole thing. I think that kind of attitude will be a big help as you heal physically and emotionally. The BP was a little low at 100/60, but I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you're feeling too tired or even a bit 'off'. Mine runs 90/40 on a good day...if I'm really stressed it might get to 100 or so. DH sounds like a sweetheart, I'm sure he's scared, I know my better half is. Try to be patient with him (I know when I get those looks it irritates me some ) Take care of yourself and good luck.


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    I love your light-hearted attitude, this is exactly what I needed right now! Finding humour in things helps me deal with them anyways.

    As I'm waiting to m/c now, that waiting for a whole 3.5 weeks has me terrified! Agh, I want it to happen, NOW!

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    Oh my goodness, how terrifying! I had a similar experience although for a different reason (losing blood internally from a ruptured ectopic) and it's horrible. They gave me a blood transfusion and had me taking over-the-counter iron pills for weeks afterwards.

    I remember how terrified my husband was, too. For weeks afterwards he was acutely aware of how he almost lost me and we struggled with when to TTC again. No matter what y'all decide, good luck! I hope you get healthy again soon.

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