why is it?

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why is it?

that all of a sudden almost every freakin person is pregnant? ok, slight overstatement, but so many people are. on this board (aside from it being in general a pregnancy board and IRL).
I do ok during teh day, but the nights really suck. really really suck.

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I know how you feel. I'm in a breavement support group and two ladies in it are subsequently pg. I'm happy for them and we don't talk much about their pg but it comes up from time to time. I'm not even ready to ttc but sometimes it irks me too.

Thinking of you

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I'm there with ya too. Pregnant women hadn't bothered me or I just hadn't noticed them until about a month ago. Now they are everywhere and it is bothering me more than before. I don't know what it is. Like the PP, I'm not even ready to TTC again yet, so what's the deal.

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For me it's not so much pregnant women, it's babies that haunt me. Everywhere i go i am followed by women with the most adorable little babies. Most of the time i walk away or just point my head in the opposite direction because i can't bear to look at them. Sad

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I notice it too. I think that my loss has made me more aware of those around me with round bellies or new babies. Some days I am okay with it and others it is like knives into my heart. You are right about the night too. During the day I can stay busy with something. At night, I just lay there and think. I hope that you have some better days very soon.


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I agree with you, they seem to be popping up everywhere. I don't know if it is my own insecurities, because I am not ready to TTC or if I am just more aware. Either way it sucks.


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I totally know what you mean. The preggos are everywhere and it makes me sad and mad that I am not one of them. My neighbor is also pg and yesterday I *had* to go look at her u/s pics...

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