I am so, so sorry for your loss...and glad you found this board for support. We just lost our 3rd pregnancy (1st was at 9.5wks, 2nd at 6.5, this one at 11.5) and they all have hurt so much. And no, no matter how well meaning, no one 'gets it' unless they've been through it. It is so hard when it is family and your head knows they're trying to support you, but the words coming out of their mouths are just SO wrong!! Please vent on here - I think most of us have had really stupid things said to us, and we do 'get it.' I just found this board last week and am already grateful for seeing parts of my story in others...it helps to lessen the loneliness of miscarriage. Also, remember that those first few weeks your hormones are in a freefall and you ARE grieving...it is a tough combo and is hard to pull out of...give yourself time and know that your feelings sound similar to a lot of the previous posters...aka normal for what we're going through.