Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

How unfair! Usually I would love a white Christmas but we really haven't had a white Christmas for a while. Well of course mother nature decided to dump so much snow here this weekend that there is not a hope that it will be gone by Christmas. Bah humbug again!

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Well I took my DS and his cousins to make Gingerbread houses and visit Santa and then we also had breakfast with Santa this weekend. I did my best to provide him with happy memories of Christmas but I have spent so much of this weekend mopping around. I hugged my Lily teddy bear and cried myself to sleep Friday and Saturday. Still didn't get my tree up.


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It great that you were able to give him some happy memories. I know this is hard for you. As Christmas approaches I am dreading it even more. Remember we are here for you anytime.


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I'm so sorry this Christmas is so hard for you. I hope some x-mas tradition can break the spell, even for a little bit, and bring your smile back.

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I'm so glad you managed to do something happy with your LO, even though inside you're feeling sad. That must be hard sometimes.


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I am so sorry that Lily is not with you as she should be. The tidal wave of emotions is draining. I pray that you find peace. Shelly