Wish me luck!

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Wish me luck!

I have a follow-up u/s on the 2nd to make sure my tube is now clear. That's one day before my birthday, so I hope I get a nice birthday present when the doc calls with my results!

Wish me luck! I need lots of 'clear tube' vibes! (I could also use some BFN vibes these days)

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Good Luck. I hope it is all clear!!!


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GOOD LUCK!!! Tons of good vibes heading your way!


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I'm thinking of good vibrations. Good good good good vibrations (I know you were asking for vibes but I got the beach boys song in my head).:yahoo: (I've never been able to use this smile before but it seems to represent good vibes to me)

Sending you whatever you need, vibes, hugs, comfort, positive thoughts and birthday greetings.


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I hope everything is clear and you get a BFN soon. Good luck!


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Sending you all sorts of all of those vibes chick!!!

:vibes: BFN :vibes:

:vibes: CLEAR TUBES :vibes:

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All the best of luck to you, sweetie!

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I hope that all of your results turn out the way that you would like them too. Here is to great news for your birthday.