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You are invited! (XP)

The following invitation was posted on the October 2006 board. On behalf of the October 2006 ladies and Scott, Sarah, Zane and Ada I would like to invite you all to join with us.

To Zane's First Birthday Celebration!

We have all followed Scott and Sarah's (uropachild) journey over the past 2 years. We celebrated with her when she got her BFP, we talked poo and ferrets and potatoes while she was pregnant. And we all cried and grieved when she lost precious Zane.

In honor of Zane's first birthday we would like to ask you to join us in a worldwide celebration of his life.

On Zane's birthday (October 16) we would like everyone to release a balloon so that Zane can enjoy them at his party in Heaven. Please feel free to attach a message to the balloon telling Zane Happy Birthday or whatever you would like to say. We would also like everyone to take and post pictures of their balloon release so that Scott and Sarah can see all of their son's balloons. I will also be posting an email address for everyone to send them to so Sarah can print them for her scrapbook.

I know that Zane's life has made me a better mother, and I think of him and Sarah everyday. I hope you will all take a moment to help us celebrate Zane. We have spoken with Sarah about this and she is excited to commemorate Zane's birthday with all of us.

If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

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What a great idea, count me in.

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Count me in as well .

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What an awesome way to remember Zane. I'll do my part here in Northern Canada. love and kisses to Sarah and Scott:comfort: