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are you ready for more?

I finally waded through the papers that were given to me. I finally came across the information about the clot. I am still trying to figure out how this thing was missed for my entire pregnancy. So here are the statistics.

Placenta: 20cm across at widest point. 860 grams in weight.

Clot: 15cm across, 5cm long, and 4 cm thick. 230 grams in weight. On top of that, a very small portion of the clot did not full detach from the placenta at one corner.

Let's do the math. 2.5 cm is one inch. So, 6 inches across, 2 inches long, and nearly 2 inches thick. 28 grams is one ounce. This thing weighed just slightly over one half of a pound.

Again, I ask, how in the world do you miss this thing? It did not get to that size overnight.

At least I have the pathology report stating these numbers. Good Gravy. This situation is just ridiculous at times. I would call it a comedy of errors if it weren't so stinking tragic.


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oh my shelly! Hugs! It is crazy that this was not noticed, I mean, if the placenta is 20cm, and the clot was 15cm, um, thats just about the length of the whole placenta! I am so sorry.

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:bigarmhug: I'm sure it's not easy finding all the different things that they screwed up on that could have contributed to your son's death. I hope that you are able to find enough information so this woman is not able to contribute/cause another tradgedy.


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You have every right to be angry, confused and ANGRY!!! I hope you eventually find enough answers to give you some peace of mind, and perhaps to see some justice done against the people that allowed this to happen. I cannot give you any words of comfort, because I cannot understand myself how these things can happen, but you are in my prayers and I wish you peace :comfort: