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    Default to hilary7983


    Hi there, my name is Reina...I'm terribly sorry for your loss

    I was googling my daughter's name, Ariana Natalia, and was shocked to see someone with the same exact name!!!

    But what is more shocking to me, is that my daughter's birthday was on August 27, 2004. Two Ariana Natalias born on the same day, different year. My daughter is living, and again, I am so sorry for your loss. I just thought that was really special, and that I should let you know Have a fantastic day!

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    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to read such sad stories. It makes me aware that I may have been luck to suffer my loss so early in my pregnancy.

    DH and I decided in March to TTC. We have been married since July 2005. DH has 3 girls from previous relationships.

    I got my BFP on July 27th...I was 4 weeks along. We got our first home on Aug 1 and told the family when we were showing off the "nursery". On Aug 3 I started spotting and on Aug 4 I called the telehealth line. They said I should go to a family doc and get checked. I went to urgent care and they examined me and said a m/c was likely. I was transferred to and ER for Rogam and an U/S but they didn't do the U/S until tuesday b/c it was a holiday. I knew the baby was gone before the u/s, I felt him leave. I am absolutely sure in my heart that it was a boy.

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    I just wanted to share my story of all my losses.

    My dh and I have been married for 16 years this December. We were able to conceive 7 times through our marriage, but m/c each time. The last 2 losses happened this year and have been the most upsetting to us. I believe it is because we were a little further along and actually seen our babies on the u/s with heartbeats.

    With the first 2 losses my doctors just explained that they found nothing wrong and I should be fine with the next one. By our 3rd loss, they did do some testing with my blood, but that came back as nothing wrong and we were told the next should be fine. With our 4th loss they still found nothing wrong, but tried to refer me to a specialist. I declinded because I just felt that it shouldn't be that hard, that I shouldn't have to go through so much (looking back, I should have went on then). With our 5th loss still nothing was found as wrong and they tried to refer me again to a specialist. I declinded again, but a couple years later agreed.

    The first Specialist I saw really didn't do anything special and I was not able to conceive within 9 months, although I was taking Clomid. I took a break. Just over a year later I saw a different Specialist who immediatly diagnocied me with PCOS. I really thought this was the answer I had been looking for all those years. They put me on Glucaphage everyday to help with that. I took Femara and the trigger shot and was able to conceive first month after trying. The first u/s was wonderful, we seen our baby and even the heartbeat, this was in January of this year. But, by the second u/s there was no hb.

    They concluded after the d&c that I am also a carrier of something that produces blood clots. My dh and I felt this was another answer and that maybe this was the final answer to our difficultly. So, two months after our d&c we ttc again. We took the same medicines as with the last one and was able to conceive first month again. They started me on Lovenox to help with the blood clots along with baby aspirin and the glucaphage. This time we had two very good u/s with progress by the 2nd one. We seen our baby again, seen the hb and even heard it a little. We really believed this one was the one. We made it just past 8 weeks this time (further than with any of the others). But, by our 3rd u/s there was no hb again. We just had a d&c 2 weeks ago and I don't know any test results yet. I am really not expecting them to tell me anything different.

    At this point, I know I should not be making any major decision, but I keep thinking that we will never have a child here. I really don't want to put myself or my dh through any of this again. I see others with multiple losses go on and have successful preg., but I am scared that I am not going to be one of those.

    Thank you for letting me share!


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    Unhappy Rebecca

    My name is Robin. My husband's name is Michael. We tried for 2 years to get pregnant and then went through IVF. The first IVF was successful. We had one embryo implanted and were thrilled to be pregnant. Everything was great. At 11 weeks I had a sub core bleed and thought I was losing the baby. When we went in the doctor found the heartbeat and everything was fine. I was put on bed rest for 1 week. The next 3 weeks were uneventful. On June 14th we went to our fetal medicine doctor, for a ultra sound and I new right away when I saw my babies hand waving outside of my cervix that something was wrong. I had begun to dialate and was 3 cm, with the bag bulging. I was rushed to the maternity ER. They put me on bed rest (flat on my back) they gave me meds to try to get the bag to go back inside. We were going to drain amniotic fluid in 6 days if it did not take care of itself with the drugs. It was a Thursday that I was admitted. I could not even get up to use the bathroom or shower. My dh was by my side the whole time. Sunday I had extreme back pain, but being my first pregnancy had no idea I was in labor. On Monday I told that I had discharge. I was checked and was 4cm. They said in was envitable. Monday around 10pm they were going to induce because the baby had no heartbeat, infection had set in. At 10:30 my water broke. At 11:31 I deliver a beautiful daughter, 5 oz. Tiny but perfect. I refused to hold her at first. At 12:45 I was rush to have a D/C because the placenta would not come out. Before going for the D/C I asked to hold her. I was right, perfect. I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. I felt like I failed her in some way. The autopsy concluded that nothing was wrong with her. The trauma that I have gone through is unreal. I miss my daughter and I cry all the time. I want to believe that God took her for a reason, but I just can find it in my heart, why?
    My baby was fine for months I had gotten into my 2nd trimester and with that she was gone. My heart will never be the same without her.
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    Bryan and I were married 7/6/07 and concieved a honeymoon baby! We were trilled. everything was going fine untill my OB appointment 9/6/07, 11 weeks PG. I just found out that I have several subchorinic hemorrages and my baby has been fatally effected. I'm 11 weeks but the baby stopped recieving nutrients at 8 weeks. There's no heart beat. My heart is broken... This was our Honeymoon it's our angel baby. I'm having a D&C Wed. and just want the hurt to stop.


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    Im Abby im 25 years old married to DH for 5 yrs soon to be 6 yrs october 13th well we started to ttc as soon as we got luck we went to a specialist and we found out i dont ovulate every month and there is MFI also( low sperm and morphology)....well we kept our hopes high and and decided to save money for an IUI on august I was suppose to start the fertility drugs and to our suprprise we were 7 wks pregnant...In our 12 wk we found out our baby did not have a heart beat and it had stopped growing... I had a d&c on tuesday the doctor said after 3 months we can ttc again....I must admitt im a lil scared since it took us soo long to get pregnant that it might take us another 5 yrs...but we are optomistic...on october 12th is my follow-up appt so the doctor can give us the go on things.....

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    My husband and I decided to TTC 4 years after we had our son. My son was born at 28 weeks because I developed pre-e and high blood pressure. He survived, and is amazing.
    I found out I was pregnant the day my af did not show up, and went straight to the doctors to get a blood test to confirm. My hcgs were 11. They said that was night high enough to confirm a pregnancy, so I had another blood test a week later, and my hcgs were 75. They were not doubling like they should be, but maybe It was just too early in the pregnancy. Went for all my prenatal blood work last week, everything was fine. I went into work on Friday, and noticed pink spots on the toilet paper. Called my dh to look online to see what it could mean, and found out that it could potentially mean nothing. I went on with my day until lunch time when I went to the local department store to use the bathroom, and I noticed more bleeing, and it was red. I knew what this meant, and I called my dh in hysterics to come and pick me up.
    He came and picked me up, and took me straight to the hospital, where they thought I was haing an etopic pregnancy, but the u/s showed that it was not, and infact I had started to m/c.
    I started bleeing yesterday morning, and still am today. there's no hope left for this baby at all. I was in my 6th week. Edd was May 21, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, my name is Natasha. I'm 16 and i lost my son 9 days ago.

    I was 21 weeks pregnant when i went into labour. i went to the hospital, and they stopped my labour but i was 8 centimetres dilated and my membranes were in my cervix. there were many up and down days, they told me my water was going to break sometime during that night. but it didnt. i ended up with a catheder, and an iv to give me antibiotics to prevent infection. my doctors told me over and over that my baby was going to die no matter what they did. after 10 days in the hospital fighting to keep my child inside me, they transferred me to a hospital that specialized in premature babies. i was scheduled to have surgery the same day to push my membranes back in my uterus and stitch my cervix shut. i got into the operating room and they gave me a spinal tap. 5 minutes later and they told me it wasnt possible to do the surgery because i had developed an infection in my membranes. my doctors decided to induce me so that i wouldnt get sick. after two and a half hours of labour, my son was born at 1 pound, 5 ounces. he was 11 inches long. he had a collapsed lung from the labour. i was 22 weeks and 6 days pregnant when he was born
    he was born on october 4th, at 8:02pm.

    he died that night at 10:10pm in my arms.

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    I'm so sorry for everyone here xx

    My husband and I had a difficult time towards the end of last year and had a lot of strain on us both resulting in many arguments. Then just after Xmas we found out (after a year of trying) I was pregnant. We were overjoyed and thought of our angel as a gift for the new year and a sign of better things to come. It was to be our first and we couldn't contain our excitement so told both our families. During my 6th week I had some light spotting so I was sent for a scan. It showed everything was fine, we even got to see our angels heartbeat. We were completely relieved and so happy. Then, during my tenth week I started to feel light cramps and noticed some light brown spotting. I left a message for my midwife after this went on for about 2 days (it was a Sunday) but that same day I had a lot of brown coloured loss late that night and more period like cramps. I phoned the emergency number and was booked a scan for the Tuesday. My husband couldn't come to this one because of work but we were both somewhat optimistic after the last scan. My mother came with me instead. I knew from the way she and the nurses weren't looking at me in the scan room that it was bad news. On 12/02/08 we found out our baby hadn't grown since the last scan though my body had only just started to realise. There was no reason as to why I had miscarried, it was just "one of those things". I was devastated. I had to ring my husband at work (if I didn't ring him he would have only worried anyway) and he couldn't get home from where he was till the end of the day so had to carry on working through it all. I cried for a while in the hospital. Then I felt numb. I opted to carry on the m/c naturally, which I am still doing. I have another scan to make sure everything is gone a week Friday. The day after what would have been my 12 week scan.

    I wish everyone here the best xx
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    If you do not already know our story, you can read Isaac's Story here....
    Yours Truly....

    Proud SAHM and Spoiled Wifey...
    Trent (DH, Married 7yrs)

    Zoey (6yrs)

    Alayna (5yrs)

    Isaac (3yrs in Heaven)

    Sadie (2yrs)

    Zachariah (Born June 2012)

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