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"My name is Taylor. And I sadly must say I am only 13years old. However, unlike many other posters on here I am still a virgin. Butttttttt I did let my boyfriends sperm find its way inside of me. I'm not sure if pregnancy is possible that way but I have been experiencing motion sickness when in the car and on the bus. And headaches. Not only these but a few other common symptoms. It isn't period time yet so I can't take a test. And I'm highly scared to talk to my mom about this unless I actually am pregnant. I told my boyfriend and a few close friends and he told his mother. He and his mom are against the idea but me and my friends are still worried." I posted it in the pregnant teens section as well. But I guess I should start this journal just in case I am pregnant. Whether its just an egg by itself ready to be emptied. Or its fertilized and will escape my body through a c-section sometime in 9months. I love this baby.