12/27/06 - 4 weeks 4 days

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12/27/06 - 4 weeks 4 days

I got through Christmas without incident. I really knew it would make my parents day if I told them I was pregnant, but after much discussion, DH and I have decided to wait. I just couldn’t deal with another disappointment around the holiday season. I didn’t want anything to be related to this baby around the holiday just in case. Maybe I’m being extra cautious, but that’s okay.

Each day, I’m praying and thanking god that I’m making it another day. I called today and set up my first appointment, which will occur at 6 w 2 days on January 8th (in one week and five days). They said that even though they probably will not do an ultrasound, it’s better with my past and hopefully will put my mind at ease. I agree. But I’m nervous. I hate to admit it but I feel nauseous at the thought of going there and waiting. I have already decided to go and buy a 3-pack of tests and re-test this weekend and then the day that I go. I just want to be prepared. Not that it would have mattered anyway last time, but I’ll feel more prepared.

So as exciting (hopefully) as this time is, it is a very scary time for us. I guess we just take it one day at a time. I want to tell my parents before everyone else but I just want to wait for now.

In the meantime, I am keeping a mental list of all the ‘bad’ things that are actually working out or turning out ‘good’. I feel like DH and I have been hit with a wave of crap lately so hopefully this means that our luck is turning and we’re on a good wave.

1. Our couch needs repairing
a. They are coming out to repair it January 3rd
2. My car had ice damage from the storm
a. State Farm gave me a check
b. Windshield repair – December 29th
c. Hood repair – sometime in January / February
3. My wheel is shaky when I drive
a. Got my tire balanced
b. Call mechanic if still shaky – to compare with Dobbs
4. DH school – we may need to pay for one class
a. At least he started back to school
5. DH school – he may need to switch colleges
a. May mean a different career path
b. May be better for him than online school
6. DH putting in two weeks at job
a. He will no longer have to go to bed/get up so early
b. Hopefully he’ll find a job he likes
7. We need a new house
a. We have started the initial process of looking
8. We wanted to get pregnant
a. ++ Test but are nervous until week 12!!!
9. We had all those problems with Charter
a. Charter cable is gone
10. We have Dish and have a bad receiver
a. They are sending a new one in the mail