1st time expectant mom, 1st time journal

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1st time expectant mom, 1st time journal

Wow - reading many of the existing journals has helped me to feel normal, so I'd like to begin my own. Phil and I have been planning to try and get pregnant this summer for the last year... we both want children, but have such a great and carefree lifestyle, that we wanted to ensure we could get some of the selfishness out before we started. I've been pushing this issue, because I think 28 sounds like a good age to have a child, and I turned 27 in February. Phl will be 27 in July, so we figured getting pregnant in July would be ideal...

So, I took my last birth control pill on 4/22/06. Like clockwork, my cycle started the following Tuesday - 4/25/06. We'd planned a dream vacation to Egypt from 5/2/06 - 5/12/06, and it was wonderful. In the last few days of the trip, while in a beautiful resort by the Red Sea, I felt myself ovulate on 5/8/06 around 11:00 at night, Egypt time. It was a minor twinging cramp from my right side that lasted only a few minutes. I had actually calculated incorrectly before the trip - I though I wouldn't ovulate until I returned. I also figured my body wouldn't be ready to get pregnant right away.

All that aside, I knew that we'd conceived on 5/9/06 - guess it was just one of those feelings. Phil thought I was crazy. but that's pretty usual. He was also hoping that the "trying" would take a few months - he was looking forward to that.

We returned home and went back to work on 5/15/06 - it was a good homecoming. I woke up Wednesday night (5/17) with some cramping - much sharper than I was used to. Being on the pill for 10 years, I almost never had menstral cramps. I knew that a new cycle was due to start in 6 days... I'm still trying to figure out if I'm crazy or not for thinking I got pregnant the week before. I didn't think morning sickness was cramps - I thought it was nausea. I was able to fall back to sleep after 20 minutes, but woke up an hour later with cramps again. I woke Phil up to tell him that something was wrong as the second cramp faded. He and I both drifted back to sleep, and I was fine in the morning.

The next day at work, I started having cramps again... I've decided that I'm not crazy and must be pregnant. I decided to ask my boss what she thought - she had a child 2 years ago, and I consider her a good friend. She told me to take an ovulation test when I got home - said it looks for the same hormone that a pregnancy test looks for. She said she didn't know she was pregnant for 6 or 7 weeks, so I was much earlier than she had been.

Maybe I bought the wrong kit, but that test was difficult to read. Comparing the color of blue lines just isn't that easy... but it did not appear that I was ovulating. So, I change my mind again and decide this must just be PMS for my first period off the pill. I have a miserable crampy weekend... none of the cramping lasted longer than 20 minutes, it was just more discomfort than I'm used to. I'll just come out and say it - I'm a big wuss (wow - and I've got a lot worse things in store!)

So, Tuesday comes, and my period doesn't start, but I figure it may not be as regular as it's always been. Just for the heck of it, I tell my husband I'm going to take a pregnancy test, just to be sure that I should be expecting my monthly visitor in the next week or so. He shakes his head, but plays along with me. He's a good guy, even if he is sometimes overly practicle.

You can imagine our surprise when the results of the pregnancy test quickly come back pregnant. It's 5/23/06... we were both thinking we had a few more months. Phil immediately tries to figure out if the test could be thrown off by only going off the pill 1 month prior, but finds that false positives are pretty rare.

I'm going to go see my family physician next week Thursday, 6/1/06. I'm really comfortable with her, and my OB-GYN has just changed offices so I need to figure out who I will ultimately be seeing over the next 9 months. I do have some fears, as I experienced abnormal paps between the ages of 21 and 24, and did have several biopsys and 1 cryogenic procedure. After the procedure, I've been normal, but now am worried about incompetant cervix. I'm sure I'll have many discussions with my doctor(s).

I'm pretty small, and am already breaking pants. Part of that might be that I've needed to befriend prune juice - as much as I don't like it, it has worked like a charm for that issue, and I'm feeling more comfortable. I'm not sick to my stomach yet, but I really am eating a lot. I'm craving salty things, and oddly, no chocolate. I ususally love chocolate. I've started the samples of vitamins from my sister-in-law, and am trying to eat healthier, as my eating habits are awful.

Oh well - that's my journey so far. I'm really excited. Phil is being really cute, now that things have started to sink in. He's actually the one who found this web site for me.

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I went to my regular doctor yesterday, June 1, and she ran another pregnancy test to confirm that I am indeed prenant. She said that the cramps I was feeling 2 weeks ago could have been the implantation. Right now, I'm feeling so good that I start to get nervous that something went wrong... I walk around work jabbing myself in the breast to make sure that they are still sore! Guess I'm a bit of a head case. I know lots of things can happen in the next 6 weeks, so I'm trying not to tell too many people, but it's really difficult! I'm very excited. Last week, I was super hungry, but this week, I'm back to a normal amount of hungry, which is good because all my pants are tight. I bought 1 pair of maternity pants, but need to get them shortened. Being 5'3" might prove to be challenging - everything is about 2 inches too long. I got the pants that can grow with you... which is pretty funny, because basically, I just need to move up from a size 8 to a size 10 I think, at least for now. I wish I could just wear sweat pants all day. Oh well, off to shower and go to work.