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all for her

well today has been better the yesterday...

Last night we were out and all of a sudden i was feeling crampy...i now know it was BH...i couldnt even eat...the ome to find out...if this couple (due in april) have a boy they plan n using the boy name we had picked out...o boy that got to me...then she tells me that she might not be able to go to my baby shower...which has been planned forever...w/e i dont care at this point

well after coming home and being in pain and having my feelings crushed...i start was about 12.30 am and i had to work this morning...blah...i was crying over everything...i think with everything the bh was my last straw...i dont wanna be here at future in-laws house...

after S.O and i having our own place for 2 years then resorting to moving to his parents house kills me...weve been here about 3 weeks i wanna say and its hell...we r paying $300.00 a month (not counting the 200.00 discount they are recieving a month from S.O employee discount) for one room that still has all Future mil things in the closet and room itself plus we buy our own theres no room to even set up any baby items like her bassinet i just bought and i pay 100.00 a month for a storage unit to hold all of our furniture from our two bedroom kills me to be here...just thoughts that are killing me
1: constantly being under there supervison like a child
2: being told i "have to " go for a walk everyday
3: the fact "my" room isnt my room at all
4: My child will not have her own nursey
5: being told what i can and cant eat
6: since day one i wasnt eating there food i was only eating what i bought yet all the food i buy seems to disappear ($5 in ice cream, $5 box of cereal, and any snack) im now storing the snacks in out tiny room
7: the fact they keep locking my dog in the room for no reason w/o food or water
8: my 12lbs dog gets yelled at daily because there 75lbs dog tries humping him

im sure theres more that ill add later...i just need to get some of them out

now i dont have a car...the week before we moved in my car died and it'd be a waste to fix so right now im "winging" rides from work...(even tho that was the reason S.O gave me as to y we had to move here instead of my moms house)

p.s i swear if fmil says one more thing about us moving to the unfinished room in the basement ones the baby is born and leaving the baby up stairs with her ill scream....
i just need to keep telling myself this is all for the baby...if S.O wouldnt have dug himself suck a hole of debt my child would have everythig i want for her...
this is just ramblings i am now going to repost about my baby herself

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well early this morning livi decided she was going to change positions...since week 22 she has been breech well last night she flipped to being horizontal...i was sleeping on my right side because it ha alays been painful to sleep on my left side (i know its healthier) well she was kicking my right side (or tap dancing) then nudging my left side with either a shoulder or her was about 4am when i put S.O hand on it and he was in shock on how strong she got...omg i love when she moves/kicks/etc the only thing i could do w/o are the cervix kicks.yuck! lol
i had my gd test and a few other tests at my last appt on the 8th but still havent gotten the resluts back...the lab tech said i should get them in 3 days and if i didnt to call..well i called and come to find out they take over a week and the receptionist said they usually dont call unless i fail so no news on good news ::crosses fingers::

even tho sleeping is getting a lil more uncomfyi really dont want the next 11 weeks (time left) to come...the thought of not being able to feel her everyday in my stomach or the fact that right now i know where she is and how shes doing almsot 24/7....the thought that this experience is almost over is sooo saddening...

as for baby stuff i have bought her bassinet , a swing, coming home outfit, and all the tagged clothes from my uncle...but ive been naughty and have been watching my registery and so far 16 things have been bought and alot are big things...

my next doc appt is next thursday...we are having my u/s first just to make sure shes growing properly then i have my reg ob appt 45 minutes later...just thinking this is my last 4 week break between appts is strange...i start going every 2 weeks after next thursday...
S.O and i cant wait to see her...i know they wont be too clear because shes bigger but i know S.O loves seeing her so its well worth it...

well i just realized im really late starting this journal...whoops...hey im only 29 weeks into the game lol

so many i should post somethings about the beginning of my pg seeing how im starting so late in the game....

well from week 6 - week 16 i had on and of spotting...after being brought to the er and racking up 900.00 in med bills (w/ inssurance) it finally stopped...they had no idea why i was bleeding they just knew it was from my cervix...other then spotting and being tired and bloated i didnt have any other symptoms...but recently ive been having bh, round ligament pains, and really bad groin pain so i havent had to rough of a pg... from day one S.O and i really wanted a boy but on 09/13 we had our anatomy u/s and the first thing the baby was doing was sucking her thumb and then yawned from that point we didnt care what she was as long as she was a healthy baby...but they had to get a second opinion to determine sex...but shes def a girl...they got most of the picks they need except her spine...she refused to flip...they had me pee, walk, jum, touch my toes, you name it....she refused to move so i had to go back in 2 weeks and we brought fmil and she was in aww...all she kept saying was "how cute...and omg" lol...but overall i have to say this pg hasnt been physically hard or medically hard just emotionally its been tough...i have gains probably 5,000 lbs but my doc hasnt brought it up so neither will i lol...hopefully she doesnt realize...i cant wiat til next thursday to see thi lil one again...yey

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had my 30wk appt and u/s thursday with my reg ob (shes been away on maternity leave) i completely forgot to fill her in on what been going on as far as my concerns because her sub always brushed them off...but anyways...i start my 2 wk appts far as the appt it was actually really good other then im borderline anemic which explains my dizzy spells. I passed my Gluclose test with flying colors with a score of 110 Yahoo an I am measuring perfectly for 30wks...during the u/s they asked me 2x why it was being performed which i thought was soooo weird that the sub dr never notated it...and i actually had forgotten so they had no idea what they were looking for so they just rechecked the growth and measurements...she weights 3lbs 13oz and is measuring 2 weeks ahead...she had her whole fist in her mouth and even stuck her tongue was the cutest thing in the world...even the u/s tech said shes never seen a baby do that before...shes also in the 90%...i had mentioned my Bh/contrax to the dr and she said just keep tying to make them fade on there own and said she was gonna check my cervix but never guessing she forgot because the office got super of thursday i had only gained 3lbs in 3 wks however that put my total weight gain at 22lbs...doc didnt seem concerned so im not going to be either (unless i start measuring ahead lol)

thursday was the date for our original 3d u/s but had to cancel it because S.O broke his promise of getting it done for me as a gift seeing how he hasnt gotten me anything to celebrate the baby (no flowers,card, chocloate) i dont know where his $$ goes but i def dont see it...i was stuck in our room all day and night because the inlaws had 20ppl over and the evil witch was here (mil friend whos a total ::beep:: and loves to degrade me for everything i do)S.O got home at 7pm and stayed in the room with me...we both took a nap until 930 and got up to get me mcdonalds, omg was that the end of the word i swear it was like pulling teeth for him to spend 10$ of his $$ when i just spent over 50$ on xmas gifts for his friends....but thenhe went to a party at about 10.30 (i of course stayed home because if i left the inlaws would lock jack(puppy) in our room all alone without lights on and i feel thats punishment and he hasnt done anything wrong) i asked when he'd be home and he said "no later then 1 am" i asked "are you sure" abd he said hed text me if he'd be late...well i cant sleep so i figuired since he hadnt called by 12.45 id just stay awake for him...ahaha silly think hed give up hanging withe the ::ez girls:: and his drunk friends...i got a phone call at 1.05 saying he was gonna be late...well im off to bed now because im completely aggrivated...