Another adventure begins...

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Another adventure begins...

Since I was terrible about keeping a pg journal with DS I decided I would try and do better this time around.

We got our first BFP on April 15th after 1 cycle on Metformin. We were so surprised to get pg so quickly after starting the medication, but we were totally excited about our new baby. The moment was bittersweet, we had just lost a baby at the end of January and were very cautious about sharing our news for fear things would end badly again. Thankfully, so far we have had an uneventful pg.

I was extremely sick with DS and worried I'd suffer the same fate this time, but so far I haven't been sick at all. I was more than a little upset today when the OB's office called to move my appointment back to it's original date. I was sooooo excited to go in next Friday and now I have to wait a full 2 weeks to see my new bean :evil:

Oh well, I'm just trying to enjoy everyday I have with this baby. Here's hoping for my little girl!

8w today

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Mothers day was great. My favorite part was my card from DH, DS and Bean and my 3 roses (one from each of them). DH really stepped it up this weekend and has been a great help. I've started feeling a little nauseous, but it's still nothing like last time (which I'm grateful for). I'm really starting to wish I'd done medical transcription instead of daycare. I just don't have the energy to keep up with them and they know it so they have been 5 times as wild. Oh well, I guess I can finish up my certificate now and hopefully by the time baby gets here I'll be making enough money that I don't have to do daycare any more. I guess anything is possible in 7 months!


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After another nightmare with my OB's office, I ended up seeing one of the Nurse Practitioners yesterday, well...Thursday since technically it's Saturday already Biggrin We got out first glimpse of our little bean!! We were so excited to see his/her heart beat. And beating it was-at 174!! Everything else went well at the appt. I'm still not feeling sick which is good.

On an unrelated subject, DH took DS on the church fathers and sons camping trip and left the bag with his clothes sitting on the bed :roll: He didn't take the normal diaper bag so DS and NO extra clothes and no jammies! DS has never been away from me over night and as he is still BFing part time this is a way big deal for us. And wouldn't you know as I sit here typing my boob started leaking! I am soooo paranoid something bad is going to happen to DS on this trip. And now that I know he has not warm clothes including no jacket I am even more paranoid! Which probably explains why I'm updating my journal at almost 1am :shock: To make it worse they have no cell signal up there so I can't even call and check on them.

Oh well, only 13-14 more hours of worrying myself sick...

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Comparison pics! Coral colored shirt pics are from today at 9w5d and the green shirt one are from 22w4d with DS.

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So I haven't really don't any better at this with this pg than I did last time, but I really want to get back on track. We're 17w4d today and so far everything is going well. I had an OB appt a week ago today and I've still only gained 1 pound total so far :-? I had my blood drawn for all the labs and we discussed the results of the NT done at 13w5d. Based on the scan and the blood work the risk of Downs is 1:20,000 and the risk of Tri 13 or 18 is 1:30,000. We were so happy about the results! The tech at the NT also said she was pretty sure the baby was a boy, but my OB said "we really have to wait until your 18w u/s to know for sure." I don't know why but he had this look on his face like he knew something he wasn't telling me. I guess NT gender results are only about 80% accurate but Intelligender also said boy and the chance of both of them being wrong is kinda slim. I've finally come to terms with this being a boy and I don't want girl thoughts back in my head now that I've moved on. We had decided before we knew the gender that if it was a boy his name would be Carson David, but I no longer think that is supposed to be his name. David is right, but Carson isn't. So now we're back to hunting for his name. I think it might be Andrew, but I don't want to commit to it yet.

Our big u/s is a week from today and we're sooooo excited to see the baby again and find out for sure what the gender is. If it is a girl I would be seriously shocked!


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Taking care of stuff for my bb and didn't have anywhere else to edit Smile

The current count is:
Stubborn-4 Stubborn babies wouldnt show the goods!

Krstee -Thinking boy but It's a GIRL !!!
dlprt24- It's a boy !!!
Kaylala_84- It's a girl !!!
Thumpersmom- It's a GIRL !!!
JamieJooNC- Thinking boy and It's a boy !!!
bholmes- It's a GIRL !!!

Blessedbyfour- Thinking boy , and It's a boy !!!
Nicole2913- Thinking boy , and It's a boy !!!
azmama- It's a boy !!!
SueS- It's a GIRL !!!
WSUmamma- Thinking boy ,It's a boy !!!
chrissy5050- It's a boy !!!
Krissy2600- Thinking boy , BUT Stubborn baby wouldnt show the goods!
StephC42- Thinking boy , and It's a boy !!!
Just Jamie- Thinking girl , BUT Stubborn baby wouldnt show the goods!
Mayray15- Thinking boy It's a GIRL !!!
Kendra78- Thinking boy , and It's a boy !!!
ladybugsteph- Thinking girl , but It's a boy !!!
luvmynenes- It's a boy !!!
MapleLeaf- It's a boy !!!
addisonsmommy- Thinking boy , It’s a girl!
soso1980- Thinking boy BUT Stubborn baby wouldnt show the goods!
sasafrass- It's a boy !!!
attitude11484- Thinking boy , but It's a GIRL !!!
runi- Thinking boy , AND It's a boy !!!
SioBoston- Thinking girl , and It's a GIRL !!!
honey bee- It's a boy !!!
Pico83- It's a boy !!!
LaurenTA- Thinking boy , but It's a GIRL !!!
AshG- Thinking boy , and It's a boy !!!
Woooaaahhhh- Thinking boy , and It's a boy !!!
Lexicat- Thinking girl , and It's a GIRL !!!
jenigirl- It's a boy !!!
MommyMolly- It's a boy !!!
thinktink19- Thinking boyIt's a boy !!!
Cera18- Thinking girl But it's a boy !!!
designmegara- Thinking boy It's a boy !!!
DFrancis- Thinking girlIt's a boy !!!
beadgcf- It's a GIRL !!!
baby#5forme- Thinking girlIt's a boy !!!
Moostrk-Thinking boy It's a boy !!!
chughes15- It's a GIRL !!!
Sarahambermarie- Thinking boy but... It's a GIRL !!!
LuxuryLadi- Thinking boy It's a GIRL !!!
MollyMommy- It's a boy !!!
Mrs Angie Keenan- It's a boy !!!
sweetart32- It's a GIRL !!!
Anniepants-It's a GIRL !!!
Lynn829- Thinking boy but...It's a GIRL !!!
zandj- Thinking girl It's a boy !!!
Twisted_Tea -Thinking girl BUT Stubborn baby wouldnt show the goods!
xxrcsxx- It's a boy !!!
chicknaggie- Thinking boy It's a GIRL !!!
Teeny119- Thinking boy It's a boy !!!
Amber_Daisy- Thinking girl, but waiting to find out.
JustJamie's 2nd attempt- Still thinking girl But it's a boy !!!

daria-It's a boy !!!
MoonPie- It's a boy !!!
stafinois-Thinking girl-2nd try since baby was stubborn! It's a GIRL !!!
Jill&LexisMom- It's a boy !!!
BFGuru-Thinking girl It's a boy !!!
uropachild- Thinking girl It's a GIRL !!!
careyayn22- Thinking boy, boy , and They're both boys !!!
rollinghvn- Thinking boy BUT Stubborn baby wouldnt show the goods!
dmc1139- It's a GIRL !!!
batbird- It's a boy !!!
HGalloWP- Thinking boy It's a GIRL !!!
court27-Thinking girl It's a boy !!!
annierose-Thinking boy It's a GIRL !!!
unmekid- Thinking girl It’s a girl!
Dese- Thinking girl but Stubborn baby wouldn’t show the goods!
AmandaK-Thinking boy
brooks22-It’s a girl!!
HopefullySoon- Thinking boy It’s a girl!
Mollyt17- Baby will be a surprise!
Lisamush1-Thinking girl-It’s a girl!
jaymay731-It’s a girl!
rollinghvn- 2nd try! It’s a girl!
friskykitty- Thinking boy It’s a boy!
menaparker- Thinking girl It’s a boy!
beckyjj0816-Thinking boy It’s a boy!
Eternaldarknss19-It’s a girl!
oyburger- Thinking boy It’s a boy!