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    41 Weeks

    Induction is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7am!!!!!!!!!! WHOO-HOO! I'm so excited and hope that all goes smoothly and that I get to meet our little girl tomorrow!!

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    We arrived home from the hospital on Friday after an eventful and wonderful couple of days.

    I went in for induction on Wednesday (the 7th) at 7am. When I arrived they checked me and discovered I'd progressed from a 1 to a good 2. The doc inserted the cytotec into my cervix around 8am and was hoping that would be enough to put me into labor on my own. By 9am I was feeling light contractions and by 10 they started getting closer together and more intense. The doc let me progress until 1pm on my own and though the contractions were painful, they weren't regular enough to be doing all that much good so at 1pm we started the pitocin. The pitocin made things pick up considerably and at 3:30 the doctor broke my water. After breaking my water my contractions went CRAZY - they were almost constant and hurt horribly. Around 4:30 I decided I wanted an epidural. The anestheisiologist (sorry for the giant misspelling there!) was sitting in his deer stand (I'm not kidding) and didn't get to me until around 5:00. I was SO happy to see him. He did his thing and went on his way (back out to the stand for more hunting, as a matter of fact). I had awesome pain relief for almost 10 minutes before the IV that was distributing the epi medicine malfunctioned and had to be shut off. I started feeling everything again within minutes which really stunk! They called the "epidural guy" back and asked him to come back in to fix the problem. He arrived rather quickly (within minutes of their call) and at the same time my doctor came back into the room to check my cervix. She checked me, and much to everyone's surprise I was complete and it was time to push. She told epi guy that I didn't need any drugs since it was time to deliver!

    Around 5:30 I started pushing and at 5:41 (after 3 pushes) I heard Dr. Kaster and my husband gasp as they (at the same time) shouted, "It's a BOY!!!"

    "It's a WHAAAATT???" was all I could say as we had 2 very confindent ultrasounds that told me 100% that we were expecting a little girl! I couldn't quit staring at him in awe - how did two seperate ultrasounds miss the "goods"? Dh ran out into the hall to tell our kids , his mom and my sister we had a baby boy and not a girl like we'd been told! We are completely thrilled and couldn't care less what the sex is as long as the baby is healthy - and the reaction of our friends, families and coworkers when we told them was completely priceless! Now we have to get busy changing the bright pink bedding and cleaning out the dresser of all the baby girl clothes to replace them with baby boy stuff!

    Here are his stats:
    Name: Chance David (David is my dad's name - he was so touched he got all choked up when I told him the name)
    Weight: 8lbs 12oz
    Time: 5:41PM
    Date: 11/7/07
    Length: 20 Inches

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