Baby #1 is finally on the way!! WOOHOO!

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Baby #1 is finally on the way!! WOOHOO!

So I had a journal going for a little while in the TTC side and we found out that we are pregnant just last week!!!! I did a HPT on CD27 and what do you know...BFP!!! It was a test from a box that my mom had brought with her once when she came to visit as a good luck charm. I hadn't used them yet and thought why not try it? I guess it really was good luck! Smile Thanks mom!
I still did not believe it was I searched around the bathroom for another test of another brand and drank a few bottles of water and waited a couple hours. AGAIN a BFP!!! I had waited until DH was in the shower to take the test in the other bathroom and when I saw the 2nd BFP I ran into our office and did a little happy dance and tried not to scream! I could NOT believe I really finally got prego!! We had been trying since December last year.
I waited until we got to the apple farm that we were going to to tell him. I had a card and a cute I LOVE DADDY onesie that I got for him months ago just for this day.
When he opened the card he said "Shut up! Really????" He was so excited. We immediately decided to call my mom and tell her. She of course was super stoked too!
So that is my special day! I am going to try to keep this journal of my symptoms and such. So here goes what I have so far...

*I am currently 5 weeks and 1 day*

-tired, fall asleep by 10pm at the verrrry latest. Feel like doing nothing but sit on the couch after work. zZzZzZzZz...
-go from content to STARVING within seconds, and feel sick to my stomach when I am at the starving point. Learned to start carrying around some goldfish crackers or something just in case.
-white discharge (today I started getting lots of it and its real white...sorry if TMI)
-slight headaches towards the end of the work day sometimes
-very very mild cramps
-abdomen and lower area feels sort of tight today

hmmmm I think that is it....

First appt with doctor is Nov 2nd for lab work, then Nov 6th for u/s and pap! WOOHOO can't wait!!!!!!

Ok more tomorrow! Smile

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5 Weeks, 2 Days

Felt like I may possible get nauseous this morning when I got to work so I ate a nuts & oats bar and had some water and I feel ok now. It may have been just in my head. But didn't want to take any chances. I hadn't eaten yet this morning so better safe than sorry!

The weird tight feeling in my abdomen and lower area is gone today, but I have had little twinges going on in there.

I called and told my uncle yesterday and he was soooo excited!!! So now my whole family knows almost!! I have told my parents, my brothers, my aunt, my uncle, my SIL, FIL, Cousin, the girls at work, and two friends who kept tabs on my TTC journey as they had trouble for a while trying too but now one is 6 months prego and the other had her baby 8 weeks ago. I want to tell EVERYONE but we are trying to hold off a little. We will tell the rest of the family at Thanksgiving. Can't wait!!!!

My mom mailed us a package and it was a pregnancy book, a super cute bib that says I Love Hugs, and a very adorable onesie that says "What happens at Grandmas, Stays at Grandmas" haha we cracked up at that!! So funny! And she got us a very soft blanket that says Baby. As you can see she is VERY excited. It's her 2nd grandbaby. My niece is 5 next month so my mom is SO ready for another little baby to come into the family again! Everything she got was green colors since we have no idea what the baby will be. 5 Months is so long to wait to find that out!! UGH!

I guess that is all for now...


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~*~ 5 weeks + 3 days ~*~

So this morning after I got ready for work...I felt a little funny....kinda queasy feeling...I wasn't sure if it was just all in my head because I've been expecting m/s to start sometime...or if it was in fact the start of m/s. I also felt a little dizzy/nauseous last night when going to bed but I think that was from playing video games with my husband. Anywho...I immediatley ate a couple saltine crackers just in case and had some water and drove to work. I felt fine after that. I really don't know what to expect during this pregnancy since it is my first. I just am trying to be prepared. If we are anything like how our mothers where during pregnancy then I shouldn't get too sick. My mom told me that she gagged when brushing her teeth or smelled something she didn't like, but that was the worst of it. I HOPE I AM LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still no other symptoms....just tired and hungry. About 2 more weeks until my appt!!!!!! It's dragging!
Have a good day ladies!

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~*~6 weeks~*~ I am at 6 weeks...still no symptoms. I was a little worried over the weekend that I could m/c because I had a VERY STRESSFUL Friday night with the DH...won't go into it here. I was worried that stress was going cause a m/c. I am more relaxed now and sure everything will be fine!
We BD on Sunday...I was a little worried being the first time since we found out we were pregnant...but everything seems fine. I've read that some women get cramping and/or some spotting after...but I didn't have any! WHEW!
I didn't take my Pre-natal vitamin today because I had a Carnation Instant Breakfast and I got freaked out that I might consume too much Vitamin A which can cause birth defects. So I skipped the prenatal for one day. I'll be avoiding the Carnation Instant Breakfasts from now on. It just sounded SOOOOO good this morning!!
2 more weeks until my appt. I seriously can not wait!!!
Since we decided to tell my family at Thanksgiving, I have been trying to think of some super cute idea's of how to tell them. I think I will make my 4 year old neice (well she'll be 5 at Thanksgiving) a T Shirt that says "I'm gonna be a big cousin!!" and underneath that in smaller writing it will say "Jenn & Tony are expecting!" If I am not able to do that in time for Thanksgiving then I will make copies of the U/S pic we get and print out some cute frames that say like "Jenn & Tony's Baby" or something and set them on everyones plates. Smile I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw everyone in September at the family reunion and everyone was asking...ok...when will there be babies?? So now we can tell them!!! WOOHOOO! SO much fun!