Baby G due January 2008

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Baby G due January 2008

I can't believe I'm joining the pregnancy journals!

DH and I are so excited to be expecting (BFP May 15, 2007). It definitely took some time to get here, but we are happy with God's timing.

Our little bundle of joy is due January 20, 2008. We have our first doctor's appointment June 12th.

Here is one of my last posts on the TTC journals:
CD 33 98.56

Ummmm.... 19 months later.... at 7:19 this morning, we got a BFP!!!!!

I knew I was kind of late, but I also knew that it wasn't impossible for me to go another few days seeing as there was a lot of stress this month. DH has been asking if "everything was okay" each time we talked. Last night he asked, "So, what does this mean if AF doesn't start tomorrow? When do you take a test?" (he didn't say AF). We kind of decided to wait until Sunday to give it a few more days and b/c he'll be on a trip Thurs - Sat. Well, this morning my temp was still up and no sign of AF. I had one test left. It was one left from a two pack my mom bought when she had a scare months ago (hers was negative, menopause starting). It technically expired 12/06, so I'm sure we'll buy another one tonight. Regardless, we talked ourselves into testing this morning! It's funny how the thought of taking a test makes me need to pee... I set the test out, went to put stuff in the crock pot, and kept finding excuses to not go back to the bathroom. Next thing I know, dh comes in the hall and is grinning! He has the instructions out and says, "Come tell me if I'm reading this right!" I see the two lines, one is really dark! I was jumping up and down, he was smiling and saying, "Really, are you sure?" I said, "There's two lines! I've never seen two lines before! We did it! God gave us a baby! It's those karate men down there "

We are both happy and scared. It hasn't sunk in yet. I'm going to call my doc today to see what he wants to do next.

We want to keep it a secret for a little while, at least until we see the doctor. We agreed to only tell our parents in person, so it may be a few weeks before we see dh parents again.

Wow. I praise God for this blessing. I would praise him regardless. Thank you Lord!

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5 weeks 1 day

We're leaving for vacation in Destin, Florida today!
My mother and grandparents have spent part of yesterday and today with me. It's been crazy keeping the secret. I think we'll tell them on our way home from Destin, so we can tell my in-laws the same weekend. I'll only be 6 weeks along and would like to wait longer, but I can't think of any better way to do is so we can tell everyone in person. I'll think about it while I'm on the beach!

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6 weeks 4 days

Since my last post, we've been on vacation and spent time with both families. We told DH's family on Sunday and my family on Monday. Everyone was ecstatic. Actually, DH made the announcement and everyone thought he was kidding at first. Then they all looked at me and realized it was true. I remember the look on my mom's face. Her chin dropped, then she started smiling. I could tell she was tearing up a bit too. My grandmother was very happy. She said she'd been trying not to ask me about it. They all knew we'd been trying for a long time. DH's family was great too. His sister lent me some of her books. Everyone gave us hugs. It was fun sharing the news.

How am I feeling? Emotionally I'm excited and nervous, as is DH. Physically, a nap is a welcomed event, my boobs have grown and are sensitive, extremely mild nauseau when I haven't eaten, and some bloating. Basically I feel great though. Just can't believe this is happening!

We'd like to share the news with friends after our appointment, 2 weeks from today! Can't wait!

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7 weeks 3 days

I've been feeling pretty great. My boobs are still tender and I can tell my belly is thickening, but barely any nauseau. It is still early though!

I was trying to think of all the neat things that happened during this last cycle before we found out we were expecting...

-DH and I agreed we were okay if God didn't want to give us a child right now, but we both believed it would happen some day
-DH asked me to setup our budget so we're living off of one income so that it would be an easier decision to make when that day came
-Had another big work exam (5)
-Watch "Facing the Giants"
-Went to my sister in law's baby shower. Every other girl that came in was very pregnant. I jokingly stuck a balloon under my shirt, not realizing I technically was pregnant!
-I had my yearly GYN appointment. The Doc went through our list of options.
-DH and I decided that, for now, if it didn't happen naturally, we weren't going to pursue more aggressive measures
-We received results from DH's latest SA. The results were the same as the previous results, or slightly worse.
-Mother's Day

I know there are more things... I will have to add more later.

We love you Baby G!

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8 weeks and 3 days! First doctor's appointment tomorrow. DH and I are really excited about the first doctor visit. I'm sure it will make everything seem more real. However, this pregnancy has felt more real to me the last few days as my stomach hasn't felt 100%. I'm not complaining though, it's not bad.

I can tell the area where the baby is is slightly less concave, possibly even protruding just a bit.

Hopefully tomorrow we can find out if this baby is one or two!

And, Baby G's cousin could be born any day! How exciting!

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8 weeks 4 days! Our doctor's appointment went smoothly. We were originally told Jan 20th as the due date. Today we were told Jan 19th and the ultrasound showed Jan 17th. We're sticking to the 20th.

It's official, we are only having one Biggrin While we would've loved more than one, we are excited to outnumber our children for a little while.

DH was so sweet. He kept staring at the picture after the ultrasound. I told him to take it to work so he could show it to people when he made the announcement. He said he's more nervous after the visit than before. I think I agree.

When the doc finished the pelvic exam, she said, "Yep, you're definitely pregnant! Your uterus is much bigger." Those words were exciting to hear.

Next visit July 17th we get to hear the heartbeat! I'm falling more and more in love with our baby. I'm falling more in love with DH too. He's such a wonderful husband and will be a great dad. We're both thanksful for our gift from God.

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Oh yeah, my baby's cousin, my nephew, will be born on Thursday!!! I can't handle all this excitement!

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11 weeks 3 days! I've been too busy to update as I should, partly due to the distraction of my cute-as-a-button nephew, Taylor! He's such a sweet baby. I got to spend the night with them to help out. I became more aware of the fact that regardless how much you plan ahead so that things will go smoothly, something will always happen. You can't predict how your baby will handle the new world, and you can store up sleep hours! All I know is:
1) I'm not going to be afraid to call my friends and ask for help (so I can take a nap) and 2) the love you have for your child overshadows the torture of labor and lack of sleep.

Baby G- I love you so much! I'm anxious to meet you, but not yet of course. Stay cozy and keep growing!

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