And baby makes three

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And baby makes three

Where to start? Whew, journals are a little scary! :?

7weeks 5 days:cloud9:
I am 24 as is hubby, and we have been together for 7 years, lived together for 5 and married for 2. We are happily excpecting our first baby. We only TTC for 3 months and were suprised that after 7 years of birth control I conceived so quickly.
I had my first OB apt week during week 6 and it was all talking, information, and confirmation of the pregnancy. I have an ultrasound apt on Tuesday, I can't wait to see the heartbeat, and then my full exam on the 27th.
My mom miscarried her first pregnancy, she believes it was a molar pregnancy. Which makes me nervous, but I am trying to stay optomistic and the doc says this is no indication I will miscarry as well.
I am no good with secrets so god and everyone knows I am pregnant, lol. As for symptoms I was fine weeks 5 and 6, just not hungry at all but I have been pretty sick this week. I haven't thrown up yet but certainly feel like I could at any moment. Preggo pops and ginger ale have helped a lot though. It is all worth it but I sure am sick and tired of being sick and tired!