Baby W's Road to Being

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Baby W's Road to Being

I just started this journal today, but I can write down everything for the last 7 days, as I only found out I was pregnant last week!

Last SAturday: BOught a 3 pack of EPT tests at the store. Decided to take one for HAHAs while putting the groceries away. Set the timer for 3 minutea and went to check it when the timer buzzed. I looked at the double lines and thoughht to myself "holy crap!". I walked out of the bathroom, showed it to my husband and said "Um, we're pregnant". He was shaking so bad, too. God love him. I had to open up a new unused tst to show him what a blank window looks like before he would beleive it. Once he realized it, he got so excited! HE did tell me to take another test in the AM, just to be sure.

Last Sunday: Took another test thismonring, and it was fainter than the one yesterday, so hubby made me take the third of the pack. That made all 3 positive. We are excited and I plan to call the MD in the morning.

Last Monday: Called the doc, who told me I didn't waste any time. (I was only off BCPs x 2 cycles!). He wants to see me 8/11/03.

Last Tuesday: Since I am a nurse and want to know all I possibley can and because I am so impatient, I decided to test myself for HCG and progesterone. WIll get the results tomorrow. I started telling a few people at work today that have been really suportive of me trying to get pregnant that I was indeed.

Last Wednesday: Got my HCG back and it was 1185 and progesterone 11.8, whic is a little low. I called my friend who works for a fertility doc and she freaked over the low progesterone and so did he, so he called me in 3 progesterone supplements! I got so scared I cried for an hour and hubby just held me tight. I pick up the meds in the AM and we'll go from there. I am so scared! Faxed results to my docs and waited for a call back.

Last Thursday: Picked up the pill and took the first one at lunch. I had to find ap lace to make the progesterone supps and that sells the Crinone Cream. After 2 calls, I lucked out. I decided to go after work to pick the stuff up. In the meantime, took another HCG and progesterone level. Progesterone 37.1 and HCG 2000 something. Looking good! Also picked up the supps and gel. Once was covered by insurance, the other was not! SO, I only got part of the supps and headed home. Took my progesterone supp in the POM and went to bed.

Last Friday: Took the gel in the AM and hated it. Got a feeling like I shouldn;t be taking the supps, so I stopped them alltogether and will wait until monday when i go to my regular OB to let him tell me what to do. He also called me back about he results from Tuesday and said they are lower than he'd like and to please drawe another set. I told him I did yesterday and would fax them as soon as I have them - which I did. Now have to wait until MOnday to discuss everything.

Yesterday: Fine all day until last night. Still worried about M/C very much. Have known 3 people in the last week that have. Was sitting in the movies and felt damp and crampy. Went pee, and turned out to be a full bladder that needed releiving and gas! Thr dampness was just me sweating! (What an ovetactive mind!).

Today: Woke up feeling great. Feeling nauseous this weekend for the first time. Able to eat, though, thank god. NO cramps (other than gas cramps). Woohooo! I hope to keep it that way!!! I am getting anxious for mt MD appt tomorrow. To see what he will do, say, etc. and to find out my real due date. Right now I am guesstimating 4/3/04 based off all the calendars. We'll see!!!

More later..........

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Had my first MD appointment today at 1:30PM.

Had to sit buck naked in the ugly blue paper gown for 20 minutes before he came in to see me. He did a breast exam (which I warned him I had very sensitive nipples and that I'd hurt him if he hurt me!) and then an internal (which I almost jumped off the table for). Who knew that my uterus was so sensitive.

Oh, and I had to pee in a cup so they could do a urine preg test to confirm it was positive (uh, hello! I faxed over two HCG tests that said I was....wouldn't you think the pee test as a moot point?). He also tested me for HIV (state law), cystic fibrosis, and something else I cannot remember. Alo ran another HCG and progesterone. I will be getting them every 4 weeks.

He told me I had to go to him every 4 weeks for the first 5 month, then every 2 then every week until delivery. Gave me info on the hospital, the birthing classes, breast feeding, a copy of parenting magazine and prenatal vitamins. Uh, hello, 6 weeks pregnant here - I am still grasping being pregnant and I am going to think of a pediatrician?!?!?!

He said everything looked good but warned that 1 of 6 pregnancies ends in early miscarriage (whic I am well aware of) and advised not to tell anyone until I had my first US at 12 - 14 weeks. (Which was my plan all along anyway).

So, here it is, 6:02PM on my 5th week and 6th day of being pregnant (according to the doc and the LMP - only 4 weeks if you calculate from actual conception date!). He set my due date at 4/6/04, but we'll see.

I still go to bed every night and pray that everything will be okay for me during the night and next day and I also say a prayer for all the other mommies to be on the boards, as well.

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Woke up today a little scared. My nips didn't hurt as much and I was not very nauseous. I know that hormones trigger these side effects so got a little concerned.

Well, I went about my day and checked my nips again and they are still sensitive, just not as much, so that made me feel a little bit better. I also ended up with nausea a little bit later in the day.

NO cramps (other than gas).

I am officially 6 weeks today, so 6 more to go before I am over the hump.

I am still very excited about the pregnancy, just a little guarded still on it's outcome. Will feel better the closer I get to the end of the first trimester.

Still praying every night.

Hugging hubby close, too.

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Well another day has gone, here's the update:

I had my HCG and progesterone drawn yesterday (8/15/03). Progesterone was 6.8 and HCG was 6000 something (again, forgot the lab slip somewhere). For as far along as I am, the HCG should be in the 10's of thousands right now.

So, my OB said it didn't look good but that it didn't mean i was miscarrying just yet and he still hasn't ruled out the pregnancy outside the uterus.

I have no pain anymore, I did have uterine cramps yesterday, but no bleeding.

So, for right now I am still pregnant, but it is only a matter of time before we figure out what is going on.

I will post again on Monday after I have more lab tests. If the HCG goes down, which is what my OB is thinking will happen), it means I will miscarry. And if I don't bleed, he'll need to do a D & C to go in and clean it out for me.

So, I just ask for lots of prayers from you all in addition to the ones I am saying for myself. I laid in bed this morning just asking GOD for SOMETHING to happen. You know, either make me be pregnant and get on with it (since the pregnany hasn't officially been deemed "gone" yet), let me miscarry already or let Monday come quickly so the tests can be drawn and and procedures can be done so we can again move on from this.

I am actually mad that we are in limbo right now. It adds insult to injury.

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Husband and I cried this morning. We are just so overwhelmed by everything that is going on. We know that the testing I do tomorrow is the make or break of this pregnancy. A part of me is still holding out hope that maybe I was just too early and nothing could be seen on US, but at the same time, I know that my HCG and progesterone numbers mean (pending miscarriage).

The crying was good this morning, as it allowed me to get out everything I had been holding in since Friday. Don't get me wrong, I cried Friday when I found out my numbers, but I out and out screamed and cried this morning. It felt great to let it all go. Husband kind of did the same thing.

I am having my bloods done at 9AM and running them stat at the hospital (thank God I have at least one perk by working there). I just want to get the results so I know what to plan for from that point forward.

I am sure I will be writing a novel on here tomorrow about everything that happens..........

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I realized that I never wrote about what happened after the 17th.

Well, the numbers cam beack not good, so another U/S was ordered. The U/S still showed nothing, so the MD wanted to see me right away. I went to his office at 2:30 and he told me it was definitely a miscarriage, but that because I was not bleeding that he would have to do a D & C. SO, I left his office, with orders in hand, to head over to the hospital. I had surgery that night at 8:45 PM and was sent home the next day.

He also did a laparoscopy to make sure there was no ectopic, which there was not. HOwever, by doing so, he said things looked good in there and i Should be able to conceive again without a problem.

So, I have to wait 2 months and get back in the saddle. Hubby and I have not deicded what we want to do yet, as we are still greiving over this loss. We'll try again when the time is right.