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Beginning Journal

This is my 4th baby, yet I feel like I'm doing it for the first time. My oldest is 13, middle 12, and youngest is 6, all boys. This time, of course, I am hoping for a girl (as I was all 3 previous times). I really wanted to get pregnant and have a baby, but so far it has not been very pleasant. I think because I'm not very far along, my hubby expects that I should not be having any signs or symptoms, so I think he thinks I'm making up the nausea, fatigue, and so on. I just feel tired and crappy all day. The last few days I've done nothing but lay in bed most of the day. I hate it, but that's all I can make myself do. My hubby says I should stay in bed, but his face says otherwise. I think he hates the fact that I've been in bed so much lately. It's depressing. Or maybe it's just my hormones talking. My hubby hated my last pregnancy. He said I was a ***** the whole pregnancy, so I'm trying not to let my hormones take over and cause me to be so horrible to be around. I want him to be happy with this pregnancy, but it's hard when I feel so tired and crappy all day. Lord, I hope this gets better soon. And I hope he realizes I surely am not faking this horrible stuff.