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    So this is my story of the next 9 months! My husband and I have been "talking" about starting our family for a couple of months now. We realized that we weren't probably going to ever be willing to say that we're ready (financial conerns, being independent etc...), but we both knew that this is a good time in our lives to have a baby. We've been married 3 years, and have bought our first house, so why not now?!

    I realized 3 days ago that I should be seeing AF anytime. So I went ahead and took a First Response which was positive, but I couldn't believe it! I said a quick prayer right then that this baby would be healthy, and that everything would be OK. I told DH that morning and then we both left for work. I would say that his response was not immediate joy! He was shocked and said, "How did this happen?" DUH!! (that's what I said!). Well when we got home that evening he said that he couldn't concentrate all day...this was all he could think about. He was very excited by that evening and was asking when we could tell people etc... ! I knew he'd be thrilled....after it sunk in!
    So I waited 2 more days and decided to take a Clear Blue Easy test. I wanted to see WORDS instead of judging by a faded line! It of course said "pregnant" so I called the Dr and made my first appointment. October 10th. She said they will do a sonogram that day too. DH is going to go with me.
    I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, and some nausea. Nothing too bad yet. I have figured out that pizza gives me horrible heartburn!! That makes me sad because we LOVE pizza, but my body just can't handle it!
    I can't wait to tell our families! We really want to wait until the 1st trimester is over before we tell anyone, but it is going to be SO HARD! I'm thinking about just telling our immediate fam after my dr visit, and wait on the rest of the world until November. We'll see how that goes.

    The reason for the subject of this post? Judging by my LMP, this baby is due on May 25th. My birthday!!!

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    Default 4w 3d

    Well we had Mexican food for lunch today, and I'm experiencing some crazy indigestion! Other than that, just really tired, and ready to take a nap! People at church this morning were noticing how tired I was, and were saying "Mmmm....must be a symptom of something, hint hint" I was thinking Yes it is! It stinks that I can't say anything!!!

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    Default 5w 2d

    Well another week has gone by! I have been waking up feeling awful the past few days. Once I eat though, I'm ok. I'm learning that even throughout the day, when I feel sick, I just need to eat something. I've got crackers in my desk at school!
    I'm still nervous about this bean sticking, but I'm thankful for every day that goes by with no spotting or anything. I've had mild cramping off and on, but nothing that I'm concerned about right now.
    Well, I've got to clean this house today. No more excuses!!

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    Default 6w 0d

    Ok the sickness is getting worse throughout the day. I never puke, but always have the nagging feeling that I will. I try to keep foods in me all the time. Today at school I almost blew my cover when out of nowhere I said, "OOhhh doesn't popcorn sound good right now?" Linda (my aide) just looked at me like I was crazy! Only 10 more days til my first OB appt! YAY!!

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    Default 6wk 5d

    Well, Sunday was dad's b-day party and Josh and I decided to tell our parents since I have been SO SICK the past few days. I actually threw up Sunday morning!! Well, when I realized that there was no way I could hide my sickness from the rest of the family we told everyone. Here's how it happened...I was trying to eat lunch when I mentioned me not having much of an appetite lately. Penny gave me this "you know what that means look" and I gave it right back to her! She and I kept exchanging looks, and then others started catching on. My mom was saying "are you joking?" then she ran to Josh and said "do you know??" he laughed and said "yes". She then started screaming for my dad to come and hear this news! It was so cool. My brothers are all now joking and saying that this baby will take over the other grandkids since I have always been so spoiled, my baby will be too!
    We then went to his parents house to tell them. Josh's mom was so excited!
    I had to tell Linda at school yesterday since I've been on the verge of puking. She is excited too!!
    I threw up again on monday morning, but today I was OK. Nauseous still, but not to the point of barfing. Hopefully I will get a good night's sleep tonight. Tomorrow is a field trip to the zoo! (sigh)

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    Default 7wks 6d

    Well, we've made it through the first dr appt! It was so much fun!! We got to see the little bean and the heartbeat was 168. It was 8cm long and doc said everything looked normal. The office gave us a ton of stuff about the hospital, what to expect, etc.. We had to answer a ton of questions about family history, and I had to have a full exam. They took 4 viles of blood from me!! Whew...I was sore after that. What a great day though! New due date is May 24.
    I also found out that a good friend of mine is preg too! Her 1st OB is tomorrow and she thinks she is due around the same time as me! Crazy huh??
    Here's the baby's first photo!!

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    Default 10wks 3days

    Well here I am a couple weeks later. Everything is going well. My morning sickness has subsided (YAY!). Sometimes I'll feel alittle icky in the evenings, but for the most part I'm doing great! I've battled my first bad was horrible. I even stayed home from work one day (haven't taken a sick day in 3 years!). I took a couple of Benedryl that day but will never do that again! It knocked me out!! I'm finally over the cold though and feeling so much better!
    My main symptom now has been horrendous constipation! UGHH....awful.
    So far all of our family knows, our church knows, and a few other teachers at school know. (I told two of them, two more figured me out, and I accidentally blabbed it when another teacher was in the room!).
    Well my next ob appt is in 2 weeks (Nov 11). I'm looking forward to finally hearing the heartbeat!! Once that appointment goes well, I will spill the beans to everyone at work and my friends from college. I CAN'T WAIT!
    DH and I are arguing about whether to find out the sex. He wants to know, I don't. I think he has won, but I'm crossing my fingers that the baby won't cooperate for the u/s! If it is a girl we want to name her Shelby. If it is a boy I know I want to decorate the nursery in Snoopy! No idea for a name yet though.

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    Default 12 wks 4 days

    Well here I am again. The 12 week appointment went great and we heard the heart beat very quickly! It was a strong 162 bpm! Everything went great, I was told to get a flu shot and drink ALOT more water to avoid dehydration. The doc says that is the reason I've been having soreness in my abdomen and lower back. Need more water!
    I'm excited now to finally be able to share the news with everyone now!

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