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13 weeks 2 days

Words cannot describe how I am feeling. This has been quite a journey and I am overjoyed and feel truly blessed to be where I am today.

A little history:
Married 7 1/2 years
TTC for 13 months
After 3 months of TTC, we were told that we may never be able to conceive due to a dx of adenomyosis, endometriosis, elevated FSH, elevated Estradiol, and a blocked left tube
We beat the odds in May 07 and conceived our first - we lost this little one on June 9, 2007
After many failed treatment cycles, including the use of Clomid, Follistim, Estrace, Progesterone, and IUI, I was signed up to do IVF. After going through IVF stims, I unfortunately only produced 3 eggs (2 were on the side of my blocked tube) between my two ovaries. It was recommended that I have an IUI and cancel my IVF cycle
Lo, and behold, the IUI worked and I saw my second ever BFP! My first number was 247 and the second number at 16 dpo was 661
I experienced spotting at 5 weeks 2 days and was called in for an u/s - we learned of yet another miracle - we had twins!!! (Truly a miracle, an egg got around my blocked tube!)
I was monitored weekly by u/s -
At 8 1/2 weeks DH and I sadly witnessed the last few beats of my second baby's hb - he will always be loved and forever missed
At 12 weeks, I was released from my RE and was given the 'ok' to stop taking my hormone supplements
I met my OB on 12-13 and we heard the baby's hb - 164 (everyone says girl, but it doesn't matter to me!)
Now is the hard part - waiting until my next appt which will not be until 1-11!!!!!

It feels great entering my second trimester. Aside from my daily worrying, my first trimester was great. I never experienced any m/s - only the occasional queasy feeling. I was very fatigued, had 2 corpus leuteum cysts that gave me a lot of pain, I have been very hungry, and I continue to experience the stretchy, pulling sensations in my abdomen. I had some spotting off/on but have determined that it was caused from irritation due to my progesterone suppositiories.

I started to "show" around 6 weeks and my OB said that was likely because of the twins. I'm now wearing larger shirts and using a rubber band to hold my pants up. I love it! My prenatal exam showed my uterus measuring larger and most of my b/w came back "normal". I'm O+ and Rh-. I also learned that I am a CF carrier. DH went to be tested and just this week we learned that he is NOT a carrier - woo hoo!!!

I've recently ordered a doppler and am expecting it any day now. I figure this will help alleviate some of my worry until my next appt. I've also been able to schedule my "big" u/s which will be 1-29.

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14 weeks

I had an interesting Christmas week. We started our celebrations with family last Thursday and they continued daily until yesterday. Saturday, we were at a party and I came home with a horrible migraine. I took some Tylenol and fell asleep. We had IL's coming over for the night but DH took care of everything which allowed me time to rest. The next morning, I woke up to some spotting! I was so scared. I called the on call dr and he said to just take it easy. My OB's office has been closed until today - I have a message and am awaiting them to call me. Thankfully though, the spotting was limited to only Sunday morning. I'm wondering if it was from a poor diet at the party, not resting properly, or maybe taking the Tylenol?

I just spoke to the nurse - she said I likely suffered a ruptured blood vessel in my cervix. She said this can happen by straining the abdomen. She also told me that there is no need to be as scared about possible m/c being that I am 14 weeks. She didn't see a need to be worried and I am to keep my regularly scheduled appt on 1-11. (I can't wait!).

Good news is, I'm 14 weeks pg today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled and love the way it sounds!!!! Every day pg is a blessing Smile :)

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Previous Dr Visits (pic heavy) -15 weeks

15 weeks today! I'm feeling well. I am off work and am taking advantage. I enjoy having the time to relax. DH and I have been using our doppler close to every other day for just a few seconds. I love hearing that soft little heartbeat!

I was updating my "June Space" and wanted to document some of my early dr visits somewhere so I am posting them here. I can't believe I won't have another u/s until Jan. 29th. I hope this month flies by!

October 26th (my birthday!) - Emergency u/s - So far so good. We saw two gestational sacs!!

November 2nd - We saw 2 beautiful HEARTBEATS!!!!!
First Twin Shot at 6 weeks 2 days

November 5th - Emergency u/s - babies are measuring well, two strong heartbeats!
Baby A 7.7mm

Baby B 7.0mm

November 9th - u/s - 2 strong heartbeats, all is measuring well
Baby A 12.0 mm (first wave with little arm bud!)

Baby B 10.8 mm

Twin Picture

Loss of Baby B on 11-16-2007
Flowers sent to us:

Baby A at 8w 6d

3D u/s at 8w 3d

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15w 1d

I had a great dream last night. My first baby dream. I had a dream that I had a very healthy and happy baby girl. When she was born, she looked like she was 6 months old! It was great!

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15w 6d

Things are going well. I'm glad to be off of work. DH and I listened to baby's heartbeat again last night - it sounds so much stronger! It is awesome! I'm so glad we have the doppler Smile I'm feeling well. Just very tired. It's going to be hard going back to work.

Last night around 10:15, I felt a strange bubble/flutter feeling in my lower abdomen. DH thinks maybe it was gas (:oops: ) but part of me wonders if it was movement. I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow - so who knows?

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16w 1d

I get nervous whenever I *feel* something and I don't know what it is. I think I am feeling stretching as the sensation (I don't want to call it pain) is either on my sides or on the top part of my abdominal region.

I was resting this afternoon and believe I *felt* something just below my belly button. I hope I start to feel movement more obviously within the next few weeks!!

I go in for my prenatal appt tomorrow morning. I will be meeting with the NP. I have a few questions - I think I should write them down. I'm not sure what to expect out of tomorrow's appt's. I'm still getting used to not seeing my RE and getting my weekly u/s. That's ok though as long as all continues to go well!!!! I have less than three weeks until we find out the gender! I am getting very excited for that!!

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16w 2d

I had my prenatal appt this morning with my NP. Things went really well. I like it when I can leave feeling good and confident!! Smile

The NP said the top of my uterus is at my belly button and the baby is just below. We heard the heartbeat and she said it was VERY strong. It measured consistently within the 150's. She asked if I have felt movement, as it is common to feel baby between weeks 16-20. I told her two times I think I felt the baby. She said it may have been baby, but will become more obvious in the future. (BTW- last night DH and pulled the doppler out and put it on my abdomen where I was feeling movement, we heard the hb right away!!).

The NP was great in answering all my questions:
She said it was common to gain about 1/2 pound per week. That would mean I would have gained about 8 pounds. I started out pre-IVF at 110, pre pregnancy (after starting stims) ended approximately 115-120! This morning per the dr's scale I was at 131 (at home at 127 - at night). So, I'm not sure exactly how much I've gained, but it sounds approrpiate - the extra weight gain from the hormones is throwing me off....

She said to eat about 6 times per day. I told her I was eating really healthy and she said to also consider quantity. She also said exercise is necessary for all pg women. (Which is hard after being told not to for 12 weeks!)

My urine test came back as overflowing with sugars. She said last month there was some sugar. She inquired what I had for breakfast and lo and behold she thinks that is what caused the sugar. Instead of eating my healthy cereal - I splurged on a sugar filled cereal. Regardless, she said to avoid cereal and milk together! Oh my... I have to increase my protein. If my next test comes back high in sugar, she may consider early GD testing.

She said hip pain was normal and will likely get worse. She said to position yourself at night with a lot of pillows. She said to avoid sleeping on your back (but it's ok to prop yourself up) b/c as the baby gets larger, baby will put pressure on the main artery b/w the heart and placenta.

I asked about having difficulty breathing/allergies and she said shortness of breath is common in pg. She said my lungs are being pushed up as my uterus is making room for baby.

She inquired about the AFP test. The nurse said "it tests for deformities". I then corrected her and verified with the NP that is tests to determine if you are at an elevated risk for only a select few disabilities, and she said yes. Having this info, DH and I shared that we are not interested in an amnio, but would like the test and would consider a level II u/s if necessary. She let us know that if we were to determine that an amnio was necessary, it isn't as scary as we may believe. Regardless, she said the decision was ours. She said to consider the level of anxiety we may experience if our test comes back as elevated. I shared that I will always have some anxiety and even if the test comes back negative, it doesn't mean baby may have some other abnomality. So, we decided to go ahead with the AFP blood screening. They will call next week if there is a need for additional testing. If we don't hear from them, we can call next Friday. In the meantime, we will continue to pray for a strong, happy, and healthy baby!!!!

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16w 4d

I've been feeling good - I've been having trouble getting comfortable at night and I've been waking up to use the restroom, but mostly I've been feeling good. I also believe I've been feeling movement!

Well this afternoon I had more spotting. It was pink, but it was not fun to see. Earlier in the day I had a moment of pain that I believe was from round ligament stretching, but it did hurt for a minute. Then to see the blood freaked me out. I've seen pink spotting 2 out of the past 3 times I've used the restroom.

We pulled out the doppler and thankfully heard a strong heartbeat.

I don't know if I want to go to the ER for a reasrruance u/s. It would be great, but part of me knows they would say, just rest. (That's what the on call dr told me a few weeks ago when I had similar spotting). I guess we'll just wait to see what happens. If we feel the need to go to the ER, we'll go.

Praying that all is well and that my baby A is still healthy and strong!!!!

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16w 6d

Sunday (while getting excited over the football game), I experienced some awful pains. After, I had a lot of pink spotting!!! I freaked! DH grabbed doppler and we immediately heard a strong hb. We decided just to take it easy the rest of the day and to call the dr in the am. I had two other episodes of spotting on Sunday and one on Monday morning.

I called the dr's office and even though they suspected that I had burst blood vessels in my cervix, they wanted me to come in to check out my placenta and to rule out bladder infection.

I was thrilled to have an u/s for reassurance but DH and I were so scared. I was having flashbacks to the day we lost baby B. Good news is, Baby A is ok and looks good! I don't have a bladder infection. I did learn that I have a low lying placenta. The tech and nurse said my LO may be hitting my placenta and blood may be seeping through my cervix. They weren't sure though. The tech and nurse also feel my placenta will move away from my cervix as my uterus continues to expand. Worst case, the tech said, is I would require a c/s if my placenta was near my cervix. I don't feel that will be the case.

My dr reviewd the results and her only recommendation was to put me on pelvic rest. I was told to take it easy and the nurse said to avoid stress.

At our u/s yesterday, the tech said she was only going to look at my cervix and not my LO. I thought she was crazy for saying that (I think she was worried for me). So while looking at my cervix, she saw my LO's hand waving around. I think she thought it was "safe" so she then scrolled over to check out the heart and as she was scrolling by she said "Oh".... DH and I saw what she was talking about.... she didn't want to tell us the gender b/c she said it was too early, but she said "Well, this is pretty obvious, do you want to know?"... DH and I were like, "uh yeah" even though we could see. Before the u/s we were convinced our little one was a girl. Yesterday we SAW that we are having a ......

LITTLE BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so overwhelming. We were so scared the entire time and to get this great news just emotionally drained us. We are so excited. I get to go back on the 29th for my official big u/s, but the tech said that usually "that thing doesn't pop back in!" hehe

Here are some pics at 16 weeks 5 days Smile
Gender Pic Wink

Our LO waving at us:

Head shot Smile

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18w 1d

Wow. I am so excited to say that I am 18 weeks pg!

I have my official "big" u/s next Tuesday. I am so excited to see my little guy. I pray that everything looks good!!

We shared the gender news with our families - they were all so excited (although gender didn't matter, but it makes it more fun to be able to put a name to the face --- I mean belly).

I have a list of classes that I need to look into. It looks as though we will be taking a childbirth preparation class and a breastfeeding class. I can't wait!!

We're also starting to talk about the nursery and I'm starting to think about a registery!

I've been so cautious, I've decided to let my guard down a little so that I can spend more time celebrating!!!! What a good feeling!!!!

Oh, and I am feeling the baby more and more. I love it!!!

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18w 3d

I've shared the news of our little man to the rest of the family. Gender aside, everyone is just overjoyed. I admit it is great having a name to call the little one as well.

I came home yesterday and had a headache so I took a short nap. When DH came home, we listened to the hb again. What a beautiful sound! We went out to dinner, came home, and fell asleep.

This morning, I woke up early but decided to lay down again. When I woke up again and used the restroom, (TMI warining) I wiped a total of 3 times and found blood each time - it was all pink except I had some dark red streaks. I also had some pain on both sides of my abdomen and some sensations in my vaginal area.

On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I had some small pink spots, but decided not too worry as that's what I was told the previous week.

Well with the increase in blood, the change in color, and the pain, I called the on call doctor. The dr called me right away and said my pain was not caused by cysts and he said I was not experiencing labor pains (as these would b in the middle of my abdomen). He couldn't explain my bleeding but asked if I knew where my placenta was. I told him it was presently low lying. He said he the hope would be that my placenta will eventually move away from my cervix, but in the meantime if I have bleeding from my cervix or placenta, nothing can be done. He asked if I had previous surgery or diagnoses and determined that my endo and adeno would not be causing these symptoms. He said to remember that as I grow - my placenta and cervix will grow and if that is where the bleeding is coming from, then to realize that the amount of blood may increase b/c the vessels may be larger.

So, after listening to the doppler and hearing the precious heartbeat, the dr advised that I stay off my feet all weekend. He said lay down, feet up, be on pelvic rest, and no heavy, strenuous activity.

I think I've felt baby this afternoon. Now I will just rest and call the dr on Monday morning. I have my official "big" u/s on Tuesday morning. I pray that all is well with my little guy!!!

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18w 5d

I spoke to the nurse this morning. She had to wait to consult with the OB before giving me advice. She said she'd call at 1:00.....well I finally heard back at 5:30~

The only advice she gave was to go on pelvic rest (already am) and avoid strenuous activity, in particular jogging (which I've never done). She said I can go on with my normal activity and then she said to limit my activity. I wish she would have asked my activity level and then determine what I should/should not be doing. She told me I do not have to be on bed rest any longer since the bleeding has resolved itself, but she also said I wasn't at risk for anything b/c the bleeding wasn't worrisome. She then proceeded to say women do not bleed during the second trimester and this isn't normal.....she made me so confused. I asked if she could speculate why I am bleeding - the on call OB said maybe b/c of the low lying placenta, the nurse things it's my cervix. IMO, the dr doesn't think it's a big deal.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to have ANYTHING wrong. But at the same time, I know something is happening and I don't feel that this place is giving me the care and compassion I deserve. Sigh.

On another note, I woke up last night around 3:15 with horrific pain in my back. I had a pain in my neck and a horrible pain on my right side (between my ovary and kidney). It felt like the pain radiated throughout every bone in my back, neck, shoulders, and ribs. It was awful. DH was prepared to take me to the ER, but I really felt horrible standing, sitting, and lying...I ended up putting a heat pad on my neck and resting with DH comforting me. I fell asleep a few hours later (finally), but then had to wake right up for work. (I am still sooooo tired!). I asked the nurse about this and she had nothing to say about it. She said it didn't sound like I was having pre-term labor and she said it didn't sound like I had a kidney or bladder infection. I asked if a pinched nerve could cause that much pain, if it was possible if I had experienced a muscle spasm, or if my hormones could have resulted in this pain in my joints/bones. Her response was "I bet you just slept weird".

Ugh. My opinions may be skewed right now (I'm very tired, I was stressed for being late to work, we had a lockdown at my site today, and I was very worried about not hearing back from the doc....), but I know I want a little compassion.....

The good news for the day - my anatomy scan is tomorrow! I'm the tiniest bit scared but mostly overjoyed. I can't wait to see my little boy. Seeing him swim around brings such joy to my heart. I just pray that he is healthy and strong!!

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19w 0d

I had my "official BIG" u/s yesterday. I woke up with more spotting so I was a bit nervous. But thankfully the u/s revealed my cervix is closed and my placenta is not bleeding. My ovary continues to have a cyst, but it is very small (would not cause pain). Now on to the good stuff.... the baby looked great and was measuring right as he should!!!!! We saw the brain, the heart, the spine, all fingers, all toes, the little nose (no cleft lip/palate), lips, arms, legs, kidneys, bladder, umbilical cord (attached appropriately)......we saw everything and everything looked amazing. What a little miracle I have growing inside me. I feel so blessed Smile

I was overcome with emotion yesterday when the u/s revealed that my little baby is growing as he should. The baby was measuring right on target. I didn't get any answers about the spotting, but in the moment, the only thing that mattered to me was those little fingers, little toes, arms, great heart, brain, spine, kidney's, arms, legs..........

Here are the initial u/s pics they gave us. They include a profile shot, a foot shot, a face pic, and "the goods":

Next are some very cool 3D pics they took. My litte guy had his head facing down and his hand was mostly in front of his face, which made it a bit difficult to get a good pic, but I love what I have. I tear up everytime I look at these. (The first one is my little guy with his head on my uterus - we woke him from a nap as we saw him yawn! After that he was scooting all over the place).

After getting these pics, I really can't wait for the 4D u/s!

I pray that my little guy continues to grow strong and healthy!

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20w 5d

Since becoming pg, I've been really good. I haven't really spent anything on baby. Well... that was until this weekend...

I went to Target and bought my LO some cute onesies, booties, caps, mittens, books, a naked boppy (my mom is going to make me the cover).
I then stopped in Toys R Us and found that all the baby clothes that were on clearance were another 50% off! I bought my LO so many outfits and I also got some of my pg friends some great outfits! (who can resist when they're only $1, $2, and $3!!!)
I went and bought the pattern for my LO's bedding.....DH and I then went to some furniture stores and bought a crib and dresser!!!!!!

I'm having a great time and feel almost a sense of relief that I am finally enjoying being pg (as opposed to being so worried...)

We go to the dr this Wednesday ~ I'm continuing to pray that all is going well!! Smile

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21w 5d

What a week!

Tuesday night I felt our LO moving around and DH felt him kick as well. We looked down at my belly and then we saw it moving!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!

Wednesday we had our OB appt. We got all of our questions answered. All is going really well. I'm gaining the right amount of weight and there are no other concerns. I will work approximately until 36 weeks. As far as the spotting goes, I will have a follow up u/s at 28 weeks. This is to monitor the position of the low lying placenta.

Thursday (Valentine's Day) was pretty sad. It was my EDD for my first little miracle conceived in May. We lost him in June. He was going to be my Valentine's baby. I was overly emotional and feeling very sad but at the same time I am so overjoyed and extremely blessed in knowing that I have a healthy little one that I will get to meet this June. Later that evening I learned that my grandfather passed away. Overall, not a good day.

Friday I was off from work and saw my belly moving in the same spot for a few minutes. I believe my LO had the hiccups! So cute!

Sunday DH and I saw my belly moving during church. So fun!

My next office visit is in 4 weeks and my u/s is in 7 weeks Smile

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22w 3d

My excitement for the week....

My new hobby is belly watching. This past week was the first time I saw my entire belly move!!! Baby must have been dancing or something but I saw my belly do a wave!!! It was soooo cool! The kicks are getting stronger and I love that I see him moving around. SOOOOO FUN!!

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23w 6d

Things are going well. Despite some spotting on Friday and again on Saturday, things are great.

I just love watching my LO move around. It is so distracting! I sit in meetings and feel him moving, I tend to look down b/c I want to see or I place my hand on my belly b/c I want to feel! I want to take advantage of every moment! I also found the other day that after eating 3 small sweet tarts, LO starting kicking like crazy! He may become a sugar lover like his mommy Smile

We started the nursery! It is looking great! It is painted and now we are working on small details. After that is done, we will set up the crib and then the organizing of baby items will begin! I can't wait Smile :) Smile

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24w 4d

Every few days I seem to feel my LO more and more. I absolutely love it! Yesterday, I was feeling my belly and watching him move around. I felt what may have been his foot as it moved across the left side of my belly! DH felt a similar sensation this morning. Again, this is such an amazing experience! I am so blessed and so excited to meet my LO in a few months!

DH and Gpa to be are working on the nursery right now. I think the majority of it will be done by this evening! How exciting Smile

I have my 25 week appt this Wednesday with the NP. I'm feeling good, tired, but good! Smile

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26w 1d

I'm almost in my third trimester!!!!! Smile

On 3-12 I had my prenatal appt with my NP. All went well. LO's hb is strong and I was told that I look great!!! (always a nice thing to hear) The NP answered more of my questions. She said she personally used the Avent bottles although her BF coach recommends Dr. Brown's. She said diaper type will depend on the baby. She recommends that we contact a pediatrician and meet with him/her and ask some of the baby questions to them. Now it's time to start looking....

Tuesday I had more pink spotting Sad I had a little more yesterday Sad Thankfully it is again all gone. I've had no cramping! I have a follow up u/s on 4-3 to check on my low lying placenta. Fingers are crossed that it is moving up. I don't think we'll ever know "for sure" why I'm bleeding. It seems the medical professionals are always contradicting themselves anyways. Oh well. As long as LO is healthy and safe I can deal with the spotting.

Yesterday I took my 1 hour glucose test. I arrived around 10:00 and was told to drink the glucose within 5 minutes. The drink tasted like a very flat orange soda. Gross. I then had to wait around for 1 hour for them to take my blood. Honestly I will be suprised if the test comes back positive. If anything, I would suspect to continue to have low blood sugar. We'll see.

Overall I am feeling great. My belly is huge, but that is all that has gotten huge! I am thankful to still be wearing my regular pants with the wonderful Tummy Sleeve. And I feel I have enough maternity tops to get me through the remainder of this pregnancy. I'm finding it hard to bend down, roll over, and get out of bed. I'm still using the bathroom all the time and I am still getting HORRIBLE pain in my left hip. I also am getting the pain in my tailbone. Ouch! Oh well.

For fun, we are close to completing the nursery. It looks G-R-E-A-T!!!!! DH does awesome work! And my shower is coming up soon. I can't believe it. I am going to be a mommy and I get to participate in all the events I previously avoided.....One day at a time! Smile

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26w 6d

Well it was too good to be true. I *almost* made it through the second trimester without any complications.

Yesterday afternoon I went to a few stores for a few items. Nothing heavy and nothing overexerting. Well when I was in the first store I felt a funny cramp like pain in my right side. It subsided and I went to the next store. I felt it again and thought I needed to use the restroom so I did. Well after my third store, the pain got more intense (not a terrible pain, just noticable and uncomfortable). I went home laid down, had some water and got something to eat. The pain didn't go away and 2-3 hours later it was more of a constant pain. I talked to DH and he said to call the dr. The nurse and dr weren't clear if I was possibly having contractions so they sent me to L&D.

After sitting in traffic for 1 hour we finally made it to the hospital. Long story short - I was described as having "uterine irritability" aka: contractions every 2-4 minutes. I was given a shot of something that started with a T and then monitored for another hour. I responded well to the medicine. I seemed to have another contraction, but they felt it was safe for me to go home. I was identified as having a "trace" of a UTI. They said it wasn't really necessary to be treated, but the dr wanted me on antibiotics just in case. Ultimately, they said contractions could have been caused by irritability from a UTI, dehydration, or I could be experiencing signs of preterm labor.

I came home and am doing all I can to drink water. I've been drinking a lot everyday, but the past few days it's been really warm out and I am thinking I must need even more. So I was told to take my antibiotics, drink, empty my bladder, no work, stay off my feet, rest, drink, and empty my bladder. If I feel any more cramping, bleeding, or changes in the baby's movement I am to go back to L&D. My follow up appt with my OB is this Thursday......

Praying that LO stays put for at least 10-12 more weeks and that these contractions were a result of something that is fixable!!

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27 weeks 1 day

I'm not sure if my dr knew why I was visiting today.... kinda frustrating. But the good news is that she didn't seem to be too concerned with how I am feeling. I haven't felt anymore cramping but have been feeling like crap the last few days (possible gastrointestinal probs). I asked if the s/e from the antibiotics would cause this and she just nodded...She said my culture actually came back negative so techincally I don't need the antibiotics, but if I wanted to finish them I could (I have 3 more pills). I thought I'd "tough" it out and finish the treatment. I don't want to have to re-start the treatment if they later found some sort of infection. I'm allowed to resume "normal" activity and she suspects possible dehydration for the contractions. She wasn't too sure though.

Other good news is I passed my 1 hour GD test and baby's heart sounded just beautiful. I don't have to go back for 1 month and then I will start going in every 2 weeks. I do have my u/s next week and hope my placenta moved up.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday and I hope to be able to rest until I go back to work on Monday. I also hope to not experience another contraction until June!!!

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28w 2d

I'm 'officially' in my third trimester!!!!!!! Smile :) Smile

I can't believe it!!!

I am so excited. I've been feeling well. I've been tired, have had continued hip pain and now my feet ache terribly at the end of the day, but heck, I'm 28 weeks pg!!!!! That is so freakin' exciting! Smile

I had a follow up u/s yesterday. All looks GREAT!! LO is measuring right on target. Overall growth is at the 69th percentile. The tech stated that his head growth is at the higher end of the average range, but all looks great. (And for the record, when measuring his head, she went past his head - it may not be as accurate of a measurement - but I'm not the expert).

I have some 3D pictures and can't believe how much LO has grown since my last u/s. I'll have to post them.

LO's nursery is almost complete and looks GREAT!! DH did an outstanding job! Smile

LO is also starting to get gifts! We've been suprised to get gifts in the mail from our registry! We are so blessed to have such generous family and friend!

Well, I am thrilled that it is Friday - I look forward to resting most of the weekend Wink despite having a ton of housework to do....

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29w 4d

I don't feel like I'm doing a good job of keeping up this journal - as time seems to be flying!!!

What's been happening......
I've been feeling well - the only pain I have is in my hips. I get excruciating pain especially on my left side. I also get this pain with sciatic nerve pain and sometimes tailbone pain. I know it's normal and was told by my NP that it will only get worse, but now it is affecting walking, bending, seems to get worse when laying down which means sleeping is difficult. We'll see.

DH and I started our childbirth preparation classes last weekend. We go for class #2 tonight. It is going to be interesting. I think we will get a lot of great information out of the class. Honestly, it's just great learning about this miraculous process. There are a few 'parts' that are intimidating, but overall it will definitely be worth it!

DH and I have been working around the house - the nursery is officially complete and we are now getting exciting for this upcoming week. We are going to have a baby shower next week and we will also be going very soon for a 4D u/s!!!! Can't wait!

Here are some 3D pics of my little man from a few weeks ago:

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30w 5d

What a week!!!!!

First of all, I cannot believe I am almost 31 weeks pg!!! OMG!!!!! I am getting so excited. We are almost done with childbirth class and have our hospital tour and BF class in a few weeks!

Childbirth class has been very informative. Although after last night's class re: epidural/ pain meds, I think I want to hold out as long as I can before accepting an epi.....we'll see.

Saturday was great - we got a 4D u/s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend getting one. It was costly but well worth every penny. I wanted to cry I was so happy but I was too scared to move. I wanted the tech to get the best shot. I got a CD with 70 pics on it and I got a 30 minute DVD of my LO moving around in 3D!!!!!!! Smile Here are a few of the amazing pics of my LO:

I also had my baby shower this weekend. It was amazing. I can't believe how blessed I am. Out of the 100 items on my registry, I think I got 80 of the items - and I now have all the essentials! Crazy. I don't have pics, but I have a pic of the cute "shower" cake my sis made:

Lastly, here are the pics of my nursery:

Sorry - photobucket isn't cooperating....I resized them all....

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32w 3d

OMG!! I'm 32 weeks pg!!!! I am so happy!!!!

I had my 32 week appt this past week. It was uneventful, which I thought was great! Baby's hb is good, I'm measuring right on track, and I've gained a good amount of weight. I now start my bi-monthly visits for the month of May and then in June, I go every week! I love being able to say that my baby will be here next month!!! EEEK!!!

My co-workers threw me a shower last week as well. I tell you I am amazed at the generosity of family and friends. It made me think that I don't give enough to others. I mean, I give what I can, but there are so many people that are buying so much for my LO, including co-workers that I don't really know! Which brings me to another point - being pg seems to bring out the best in other people.... I mean, so many people, including many strangers, have been so friendly, nice, and generous b/c I'm pg!

This week my goal is to work on organizing the nursery. Now that the nursery is put together, I get to put away all the wonderful gifts, DH will be putting together some of the larger items, and I will be washing LO's clothes, blankets, cloths, etc...

I am down to my final 3 weeks of work! I am so unbelieveably excited!! WOO HOO!!! We finished our childbirth class and we are going to tour the hospital today!! Our BF class is this week too. Can't wait!

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34 weeks

I had my 34 week appt this morning. Things are great! Weight gain is good (the nurse commented on how little I was before pg and how I'm not little anymore! - she wasn't being rude as she recognized that I am all baby. She said not to worry as I will be little again after baby is born)...

I'm measuring well, baby is head down, and all looks good! She said when I start to feel contrx to stop what I am doing, rest, and drink water. I had some tightening on Sunday and Monday, but nothing since.

I'm feeling huge! It's hard to roll over or sit up in bed and sleeping isn't very comfortable...I am also starting to get my first stretch mark! Oh well. We went and bought a bunch of cocoa butter and I'm hoping that helps.

I work for 2 more weeks and then I will be off for a long time! Can't wait!! Smile

I go back in 2 weeks where they'll do the strep (?) screening and then I go in weekly until my LO is here! Time is going to fly..... Smile

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35 weeks 3 days

WOW!!!! 35 weeks!!!!!

I have hardly been online lately. I've been busy finishing up with work and taking naps Smile

What's new....

My latest dr's appt went great. I go again this Friday and then once a week until baby is here!

We found a pediatrician - he is very close to the house and seems nice.

I got my free ice cream on "bump day" at baskin robbins. I wasn't going to go but then thought about how upset I would have been if I wasn't pg and wanted to be pg to be recognized. So - I enjoyed my free cone!

And I am officially on maternity leave!!!! I get a few months off and am so happy!!

I've been feeling well. I experienced some swelling in the heat this past week. Had to take off my wedding ring and had trouble with some of my shoes. I've been feeling my LO a little less - I think b/c he's getting bigger. He's head down and can tell which movements are his head, behind, and hands/feet. It's great! I am also in the process of getting my very first stretch marks....oh's well worth it! Although my lower belly itches like crazy!!!! I bought a ton of cocoa butter and lotion and am constantly applying it.

Now I look forward to relaxing, kicking my feet up, packing a hospital bag, working on my LO's memory book, organizing his clothes, washing his sheets, and doing any other thing I feel like (like getting a pedicure!). And if I don't do any of this than oh well!! Smile :) Smile

I can't believe that my little guy will be here so soon. I am so unbelievably happy!

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35 weeks 6 days

I am so itchy!!!!! It is driving me nuts! Over the past week or so I noticed that I am starting to get my first stretch marks on the underside of my belly. Well, it seems these stretch marks are also bringing what looks like a small rash and SO MUCH itchiness!!!!!! It is driving me nuts. I'm using cocoa butter lotion and plain cocoa butter but nothing seems to work. I find myself scratching in my sleep and I'm sure it's making it worse. I broke down and called the doc today and am so frustrated b/c they never called back!?! I'll call again in the am. As long as it's nothing serious or harmful I can deal with's just annoying!

On a another note, I'm almost done packing my hospital bag! I'm trying to minimize what to take, but it's hard....I'm the type of person who would rather have too much than too little! Oh well, we'll see what the final product looks like later tonight as I plan on finishing Smile

Tomorrow's goal: Wash/organize my LO's clothes Smile

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36 weeks!

36 weeks today Smile One more week until I'm considered full term. I'm so excited!

I go back to the dr's on Friday ~ praying all continues to go well.

My dr never called back yesterday so I called again today. I spoke to a nurse about the itchiness. After asking me a long list of questions, she said it is likely that I have PUPPPS, or "the rash of pregnancy". She said this rash will likely be present until after I deliver. She said this rash is fairly common and not harmful. In order to manage the rash she recommends using a benadryl cream at night. She said benadryl is considered a Category B drug, which indicates it is safe during pregnancy. She also recommends taking an Aveeno oatmeal bath before going to bed. She said if the rash gets out of control (she said it may spread, but if the rash becomes very severe) I can take a steroid cream. However, they do not recommend a steroid cream as a first line of treatment. Lastly, I shared that I was using Palmer's cocoa butter lotion and a stick of cocoa butter to help with the stretch marks. She said that the cocoa butter stick may actually cause more irritation to the rash. So, I will stop using that for now and see if that makes a difference.

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36 weeks 2 days

I had my 36 week appt today. All is good and the doc seemed excited!

I had a group b strep test today and will find out the results next week.

My weight gain (up 2 pounds in 2 weeks) was perfect. Urine test was perfect. Blood pressure was perfect.

Baby was measuring great and hb was strong.

The doc said she estimates that baby is weighing 6.5 pounds which is normal. She doesn't think he is bigger (as everyone tells me I am going to have a big baby - I think I let it get to me - instead of realizing I am short, petite, and all baby!).

We decided on a pediatrician and decided we will have the circumcision done in the hospital.

I was told to start using hydrocortisone for the itchiness. She said if this isn't resolved by next week I will need to have some b/w taken.

I had my first internal (ouc!) which resulted in some spotting (of course...but it's normal she said)... The doc was very suprised to report that I was already 2 cm dilated!!! I was so suprised! If anything I was expecting my LO to be late. Instead, my dr said to have my hospital bag packed b/c she doesn't think I will make it to my due date!!!! Wow!

Now I am more motivated than every to get "stuff" done around the house! Smile

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36 weeks 6 days

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks. I am so excited! Yesterday DH and I noticed that baby has started to drop. He looks lower and the top of my belly isn't as hard as it's been the whole pregnancy. This makes me think that my litte boy may be here in just a few short weeks! We shall see!

In the meantime, I am feeling more and more tired and feel as though I am not getting enough done around the house. A lot of what I am trying to do involves a lot of movement, bending, etc...things that wear me out fast!!!!! Ultimately, it doesn't matter....whatever I don't get done will get done when it needs to be done.

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37 weeks 2 days

2 cm and 50% effaced!!!!!!

I had my prenatal appt this morning and again all is well! Smile I love hearing that!

The hydrocortisone has helped with the itchiness - oh I just realized I forgot to ask about the GBS test results - oh well. Belly is measuring good, heartbeat is good, BP is good, weight is good. Head is still down.

As the NP went to go measure my belly, she asked me to feel my belly. I said I had some tightening but thought my baby was pushing outward on me. She corrected me and said no that I was having a contraction! Oops. I previously experienced 2 that were more painful but didn't know all this tightening were contractions! She thought maybe I had dilated more but I didn't but I was know 50% effaced. Perfect! I don't want my baby to come too soon! Smile

She then said I need to the hospital when I experience contractions every 5 minutes for 2 hours, if my water breaks, and if I start bleeding.

I came home today and finished packing my hospital bag Smile All we have left to do is a little cleaning which DH is helping with. Next week I plan on working on a memory album! I'm all about relaxing before baby comes!

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37 weeks 5 days

Friday night I started to experience more contractions. They were mild for the most part but were also associated with some major cramping in my lower back. At one point, I had them coming every 5 minutes, but it didn't last for 2 hours. They kept me up through part of the night though. The last one I recall was at 1:30 am.

Saturday and Sunday I experienced more. Nothing consistent and nothing terribly painful. The cramp like pain went away. At one point when I started to time them they were occuring every 10-15 minutes and lasting up to a minute.

During my frequent restroom breaks last night I wasn't sure if I was losing my mucous plug - I guess I don't really know what I am looking for. I am guessing it was normal discharge. I woke up having some contractions this morning, but again they are all mild.

I wonder if these are too mild to be doing anything?
I wonder how long women experience these mild contractions during early labor?
What is happening to the baby when I experience a contraction (mild)?
I wonder at what point my body will go into active labor?

Saturday DH and I both saw our baby's foot (we think) poke out of my stomach. I absolutely love these movements but seeing the little foot and nothing else poke my belly out was amazing. I wanted to touch the foot but we were too amazed at what we were watching. After a few seconds, my belly returned to normal. Smile

Overall, I'm feeling uncomfortable (BIG) and my feet hurt (swollen!) but I am ok with him staying put for a few more weeks. In God's time...


Sad On another note ~ today is exactly one year since the loss of my first baby. I'm doing very well today for obvious reasons. I still wear my bracelet (amethyst heart - Feb birthstone as this lo was due on 2-14-08.) I look at this bracelet as not only a reminder of my precious angel, but also as a reminder of my journey, and the loss of my second angel in November. I think of this bracelet as a reminder of my faith - that it is God's plan, not my plan.... I will never forget my about my 2 angels, I am just so thankful that I have a healthy little boy growing inside me right now, who I will get to meet .... soon!! Smile

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38 weeks

I am 38 weeks today!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

Feeling good - tired, big, uncomfortable, clothes don't fit, shoes don't fit, hips hurt, shins hurt, feet ache, feet are swollen.... but HAPPY AS COULD BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so blessed to be where I am today.

My little guy is kicking and rolling - the movements seem so much bigger now. Last night, he had the hiccups and my entire belly would shake.

I handled the 9th pretty well. I did break down at one point in the evening when I found a sympathy card after our second loss. I feel so blessed to have this little man, but part of my heart will always long for my two angels....

The contractions have been distracting me though - I've had more and more today along with some pelvic pressure. When they seem close together I start timing them on On average they seem to happen every 15 minutes, but this morning, they were once every 5 minutes - but this lasted for less than an hour. I've had some pelvic pressure and lower back pain with these, but overall I am not experiencing any pain.

I go back to the dr tomorrow and I am so curious to see if my body has made any more progress. Everyone keeps saying my LO will come early, but I am not so sure... We'll see! Smile

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38 weeks 1 day

Had my dr's appt this morning. I am now at 3 cm!!! The dr asked if I think I'll make it another week - I said yes. She then made some reference regarding whether or not I wanted to make it another week and when I asked "as opposed to?" she said being induced... I said no way! I am not going to rush this little guy out! She said that was absolutely fine. She anticipates that I may make it to my next appt (on Tuesday.....).

I've been having a lot of contractions. They've been irregular but occuring more frequently. Now I notice them b/c not only does my belly get hard, I get menstraul like cramps in my lower back, I get pelvic pressure (feels like I have to use the restroom) and sometimes I feel a high pressure that impacts my breathing. They haven't been painful. Some have only been uncomfortable.

I asked what happens to the baby during a contraction - she said that the baby is fine. She said he is just swimming around in the amniotic fluid. I asked b/c yesterday he had the hiccups (my whole belly would move!) and got a contraction. When the contraction came, it was like he was struggling to hiccup. Dr said he was fine.

I asked about prenatals after delivery. I was told to continue taking them as long as I am nursing. I can stop taking the folic acid though.

I think that was it.....

I came home really tired. Didn't sleep too well last night and then had to get up early. I stopped off at a few stores and realized I was also really irriatable - I truly think this irritability is coming from the hormones as I can't seem to control it. So, I came home and took a long nap. I think I am going to rest and be lazy for the rest of the day because I can!!! Smile

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38 weeks 5 days

I thought DH was going to have to take me to the hospital this morning. Very early this morning, I woke up to some seriously painful contractions. I was excited but then realized how much pain I was in. They were consistent between 6-8 minutes apart for an hour and then eased up. The pain differed from the "normal" contractions I had been having - they were stronger and started near the top of my abdomen. This morning I've had my "normal" contractions - tightening and some feeling of pelvic pressure and cramping.

The interesting thing about feeling the pain this morning is that I decided I would like to avoid pain meds if at all possible - I came to this conclusion - if I am in serious pain and not progressing at a satifactory rate, I will opt for an epidural. If I am progressing quickly (in my mind) I will do my best to avoid it. So, I'm open either way but would prefer to avoid it. We'll see what actually happens... this is my first....

As I type I am experiencing a contraction -- pain in my pelvic region and I think lo froze as he is sticking out and my uterus is as tight as could be - poor little guy! Although the dr said baby is fine during contractions... I am fine being pg as long as little one is safe, but I am so excited to meet him!!

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38 weeks 6 days

I had my 39 week appointment today. Things are great. I'm now "3 plus" centimeters (more than 3, not quite 4). The dr was pleased to hear that I started to have stronger contractions. She said my cervix is still posterior and baby is still a little high but with some strong contractions, she said baby's head will drop more and my cervix will move more anterior. I told her I was feeling a lot of pelvic pressure. She said this was good as it was the baby's head pushing down. She also told me that baby's head is pushing on my water bag ~ she described the bag as bulging ... maybe I'll be part of the 10% who has their water break?

The dr then asked how tall I was. She said that b/c I am so small, I am showing all baby ~ she assured me that I will not have a huge baby ~ he only looks huge b/c of my size (and he is only showing out in front). I'll have to post a picture... She offered an u/s if we wanted an estimated weight, but we only said we would if she recommended one. She doesn't think it's necessary as my belly measures right where it should.

So, she said that I need to come back next week (on my due date) if I'm still pg. She said that I should be sure to have my bag packed ~ which it is. She then asked if we do want to wait for our baby to come naturally ~ we said yes, and she said, great! So, now we're here just waiting...

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39 weeks!!

After yesterday's post, I decided to post a current belly shot. I'm amazed at how my body has changed throughout this pregnancy. I used to think at 12 weeks I was huge, but now at 39 weeks, oh my... I got my first stretch marks at 37 weeks - I guess that was a sign that my baby is officially full term!

The first pic was a pre-pregnancy shot and then my most current pregnancy pictures:

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Your belly is seriously cute! I can't wait to meet the little man that lives in there! Biggrin

Anymore contractions today?

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No, no more strong contactions. I've had a ton of tightening and continued pelvic pressure but nothing painful or strong.

I can say that I am ready for the contractions to pick up. I'm at a point now where I truly feel it is "safe" for my baby to arrive. I have been so scared this entire pregnancy and now I feel a sense of relief that we've made it this far!! I am so excited to meet my baby!

Yesterday was a good day. I went out shopping all day with hopes of walking and being active to get things moving... I read that the act of walking doesn't necessarily help with labor as opposed to being upright and letting gravity help pull baby down ~ interesting! Anyways, this morning my hips were hurting so bad from the walking so I've been off my feet for most of the day ~ I even spent some time rocking in the new chair we put in the nursery Smile

Well without contractions, I'm just hanging out...waiting. I've been wondering about the possibility of my water breaking and I also am not sure about whether or not I've lost my mucous plug. I'm trying not to obsess over these little details as I am convinced nature will take its course when the time is right.....I'm just getting so excited right now Smile

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39 weeks 4 days

Not much to add ~ still pg!!

Friday night I wasn't sure if I was leaking fluid ~ I decided I wasn't as it appears to be "normal" discharge based on what I am reading. I think I have it in my head that my water will break since my dr said my water bag is "bulging".... I hope if it does break, it is obvious - I don't want to second guess myself.

It's also been really hot out here which equates to major swelling!!! Yesterday my feet and fingers were huge! They're still sore, but I haven't been outside yet....I'm sure they will swell up again.

DH and I went to some stores - trying to stay active and keep on moving (hoping that will trigger some contractions)...but nothing major since last week. Yesterday afternoon, I started to feel one come on, but it disappeared in a matter of seconds (or so it seemed).

We'll see! I can't believe my due date is 3 days away!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Miracle Baby Arrived on June 23, 2008

My miracle baby has arrived!!!!!! He is perfect and I am so in love!!!!

The story.....

Sunday June 22nd
10:45 pm - I started to feel "pain". Not knowing whether or not they were contractions, I chose to shower, hoping to alleviate the pain. The pain was constant and didn't stop. DH had to come help me out of the shower. DH then ran for the computer as we determined I was contracting. Well per, I was contracting every 1-3 minutes and they were lasting 1+ minutes. After 30 minutes, we called L&D. They said to come in right away.

Monday June 23, 2008 - 39 weeks 5 days
12:00 am - We arrived at the hospital. The drive was painful (thankfully there is no traffic that late at night!). The nurses were very nice and check in was easy. They took me to a room to monitor my contractions. Sure enough I was contracting hard every 1-2 minutes. And then when the nurse went to do an internal, I felt like I leaked discharge. Sure enough, my water broke. Once this was confirmed, I was told that I will obviously be admitted to the hospital. I was in a lot of pain and had told DH that I would take the epi if I was not dilated more than 4 cm. Sure enough I was still 3+ cm and said I would take the epi. I was quickly sent to a LDR room.

1:00 am - I received the epi around this time and it kicked in immediately. I felt so much better and felt I could conserve my energy for the pushing part of labor. At this time, the contractions were consistently 1 minute apart and very strong. We weren't sure how long labor would last, but thought it would be quick if the contractions continued they way they were.

DH and I tried to rest in between checks but were too excited. Each internal after the epi indicated I was progressing very fast. It was exciting to hear that I was 5-6 and then 7-8, and then 9+. When I was told I was fully dilated, I was in disbelief. I was so excited. Early in the morning, I was told that my OB was on duty that day and that she would be in around 7. She came and checked me and before I knew it, I was told, "it's time to push".

8:30 am - I officially started to push. It was calm and relatively easy due to the epi. Just prior I was experiencing more pain, so they released more meds which numbed my legs. DH and the nurse had to help with my legs as I had no feeling. Well, a few hours into pushing, my contractions went from 1 minute part to 7 minutes apart. As we approached the 3rd hour, my OB said we may have to consider a C section. Instead, I was given a dose of "3" of pitocin to get things moving again (she said they use a "20" for an induction, so this was a small amount). It worked. I pushed more and more. I was then told that my little one was having trouble getting through the birth canal. The dr was prepping to use a vacuum. Just as she was ordering the staff to set up the vacuum, she decided to allow one more series of pushes .... it worked. The next thing I remember, my little one was placed on my lap and I started to cry. It was 12:34 pm.

He is absolutely perfect. Strong cry, great color - apgars of 8/9. He weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20 inches in length. He is also a very alert baby. I couldn't be happier.

We stayed in the hospital until Wednesday morning. We are BFing - which is hard but going well. We feed on average every 3 hours for 30 minutes. He's been circumcised (done in the hospital) and he's had 2 ped appts - gaining weight appropriately.

All I can say is miracles do happen - I am holding mine right now. He is just perfect.

Here are some pics of my baby: