Blessed to get a 2nd chance at this!

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Blessed to get a 2nd chance at this!

I've never done a journal and I'm not sure how good I'm going to keep this up, but I'm going to try and update twice a week! Here goes!
I am 38 and my husband is 42. We've been married 9 1/2 years. We have a 22 month old son Keagan (3/29/06). He is a joy! All over the place and full of energy, love and affection!
Rewind to before him and we were not sure we wanted children. When I turned 35, it was more then a biological clock, but a strong urge to bring someone into the world so DH and I decided to give it a try. We had 2 very early miscarriages back to back, but then we were blessed with a successful pregnancy and now a wonderful son! I have low progesterone so I had to take progesterone with him and the first trimester this time too. I can't stand the yucky under the tongue "candy"! They try to flavor them, but fall short of the mark. This time I had mint chocolate and chocolate. Needless to say, I no longer like mint chocolate ice cream!
Fast forward to March 2007. After Keagan, we thought we were done with one so I had gotten an IUD. My DH was looking into vasectomies. Around March of '07 I got cold feet and said just wait on that. I decided to get the IUD out in late August, we use condoms per doctors orders for a couple of weeks after this. Dr. said wait a month to conceive. We may have missed a condom because right around my birthday, I get pregnant! Doctor says we conceived between 9/18 and 9/25. Well, my birthday is 9/20 and I know what we did that day! I can't believe we hit it so quickly!
I have been feeling very good this pregnancy. No spotting this time. Have been able to continue my kickboxing and slow jogging and walking on the treadmill. With Keagan, I only gained 13 1/2 pounds. I didn't diet, just stayed fit and tried not to overindulge the desserts. So far, at 20 weeks, I have gained 4 pounds this time. I am much hungrier this time then last so I don't know if I'll pull off such a small weight gain this time, but it's not about me. I'm growing a miracle inside me and as the title of my journal says...I feel so blessed to get a second chance at this especially given my age. Even more blessed to get one of each! DH and I marvel at our luck at pulling this off after waiting so long to have children. Wow!
Well, I better get back to work now. I'll update more as I think of it!

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21 weeks/2 days

Here I am with a second update! After reading the 1st post, I realized I did not post some important stuff like when your daddy first felt you move. It was on Christmas afternoon! Your brother kicked daddy for the first time on our anniversary! You both know how to pick memorable days to let daddy know you are in there growing fast!
21 weeks/2 days. According to growth charts, you are now the size of a carrot. You move A LOT! I feel you throughout the day rolling around in there and punching. I think it will start to be visible from the outside any day now. I don't think your brother moved nearly this much. I guess you are a little dancer in there!
You have me craving sweet things, but other then that, you are treating my figure kindly! I am still jogging on the treadmill and doing my kickboxing. I have to adjust some of my kicks to make room for you as my belly is really growing now.
Your dad and I are just starting to pick names since we just confirmed beyond all but a .1% doubt that you are a GIRL! If you go and change now, it will throw us for a loop since I am making your dad hang a chandelier in your room and the furniture is very ornate. We are using a name scrambler and have come up with a few names, but nothing final yet. Like your brother, we will not announce your name until you are here!
Your Uncle Sporty found out your brothers name before he got here and had an engraved blanket ready to present me after his birth. We'll see if he can find your name once we set up your Web site.
Well, that's all for now. I love you!

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21 week belly photos

Ok, let me try and post some pictures. Oh, if you are reading this, please feel free to reply! I am going to keep this in my baby's scrapbook and would love to hear your thoughts. If this works, you will see some pics of my 21 week belly taken yesterday. Here goes...Ok, I just previewed the post and the pics are big, but it worked! The first one is my sweet little boy just hanging out on a Sunday morning! Bye for now!

I do a quick little workout on the treadmill every Sunday morning while DH and our son have breakfast and make a mess downstairs. Before I eat breakfast, DH takes my picture from the front and side in the same place. I like to do this before I eat breakfast so I don't look so bloated. Ha! Ha! We did this all the way through with our son too.

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23 weeks 4 days

Just thought I would pop in and add some things to your journal little girl! Daddy and I went to the doctor today and we got to see you on the ultrasound. We videotaped you moving and you even rubbed your face and moved on the screen for us! We saw your hands and feet.
Your big brother Keagan is talking up a storm! He rubs my belly because I think he knows you are in there! He kissed my stomach too. He'll be 2 next month.
I saw you move from the outside for the first time on Sunday, Feb 10. I was on a flight to Midland and I was sitting in my seat before takeoff and my stomach started moving! Yeah! I can see you from the outside now. You are quite the mover. Much more then your big brother. I see my stomach moving around all the time now. Last night, daddy laid his head on my stomach and could hear you moving, then he got a kick in the ear!
Oh, the doctor confirmed today once again, you are definitely a girl. I'm ready to start your nursery now! We are still trying to come up with a name for you. We are trying to give you an unusual name, but not wacky. I don't want you to be one of 20 kids with the same name so please be patient with us!
You've been very good to my figure. I've only gained 5 pounds so far and we're over 5 months along! I ate a lot the last 2 weeks so I thought it would be more. Thank you for being kind to my belly! Smile
You've also been very tolerant of my exercise. In fact, if I don't get up in the morning, you kick me until I drag myself to the treadmill or kickboxing. You are keeping mommy in shape!
That's all for now...Until next time!

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3/5/08/25 1/2 weeks!

Well little girl, we finally ordered your bedroom furniture! It is beautiful! Very antique and ornate looking. Just like a little girl should have. Daddy thinks it's over the top princess, but he says as long as I am happy then that's what matters. Tee hee!
We'll be picking the paint this weekend. We're thinking of a dark olive. I know that sounds wacky, but with the cream colored furniture, I think my nursery idea is coming together. No Winnie the Poo or pink for you little one! I'm thinking more along the lines of sophisticated glamour! I can't put my finger on it just yet, but the concept is in my mind. A nice oriental rug, a chandelier and some beautiful heavy tapestry curtains and I think we have it. Your grandma is going to make your curtains and your grandpa is going to paint your room. Finally, we have started to finish things.
I ordered a double stroller today and a sling to carry you in.
Your big brother is having his 2nd birthday party on March 29. He knows you are in my stomach. He keeps lifting my shirt and petting my belly and saying "bee, bee". He is going to be very protective of you. I can tell already!
You are kicking away in my stomach. I can see you from the outside now. You kicked me just now too. I know you are growing fast in there. I don't run like I used to on the treadmill. I've been walking a lot more lately, but you still haven't given me water retention. Thank you! I'm wearing my heels without any problems. Keep up the good work baby!
Well, that's all for now.

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27 weeks/1 day!

It's been a couple of weeks. Not much to report. You are moving up a storm right now so I thought I would enter some tidbidts in your journal. I can see my stomach moving right now! Wow!
Your big brother is ready to meet you! This morning he was pointing and saying pants, shirt and then he lifted my shirt and said "Baybuh"! He did this without my asking! He knows you are in there! Then I said "Can you kiss the baby" and he kissed my tummy so you got a kiss from your big brother. He pets my tummy and says "Bebe" or "Baybuh". He loves you already!
He should be talking by the time you get here. Yesterday at Target, he was shouting "HI" to anyone within earshot. The two of you are going to be quite the team when you get here.
I got your first baby outfit today! I've broken the seal so there will be no stopping me now. I got you a little onesie at the Gap that has the Gemini astrological symbol on it with a short description. I was afraid to get anything fancier then this because I knew I would promptly clean out the store so I'm going to head to the thrift store on the way home and get you some "new" clothes! I'm cheap, but very well dressed, so don't worry. I will teach you the cheap, but more fashionable then anyone you know, way to dress, I promise! You'll never be broke AND you'll look like a million bucks!
We have picked your first name FINALLY! I can't post it here because we will be getting a Web site for you like we did for Keagan. Whoever finds the site and posts their name wins a bottle of really good scotch!
We can't wait to meet you little girl! Your rolling around right now as I type! Smile

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Your elbow sent me to the doctor!

Well, little girl, you have a pretty good sense of humor already I think!
You are much more active then your big brother was in my belly and you really seem to like my right side. For the last couple of weeks, I've been having pretty painful ligament pains just on my right side. I chalked it up to growing since you have grown quite a bit the last 4 weeks.
Anyway, on Tuesday, you must have been having a party because I was nearly doubled over in pain with a stabbing like feeling along with lots of Braxton hicks contractions. It was awful!
I decided this was not normal so I immediately went to the doctor and they examined me. Turns out it was ligament pain and the Braxton hicks were from dehydration. However, that did not explain the stabbing pain in the right side. I laid down on the table and felt a knot there too and said to the doctor "Is my ovary about to explode, what is going on?" He felt it and had to try not to laugh after my ovary comment. He said "It's her elbow!" Then he asked the nurse to come over and feel it too. We all had a good chuckle then.
While I was there, they made me take a tinkle test to rule out anything else and I decided to do my gestatational diabetes test too. Scored 124 so I passed!
Crazy couple of hours over lunch. I will never forget "It's her elbow!" after I said I thought my ovary was about to explode!
Anyway, they checked your heart rate and the doctor smiled and said "nice active baby!" I think you elbowed me cause you were thirsty for some water and so we could take a quick trip to the doctor.
I've been drinking tons of water and you have been nice and you haven't jabbed me since! You did move around this morning though. You were ready for the treadmill so we had a nice walk/jog and watched All My Children.

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Your room is painted!

Hi Little Girl!
Your dad surprised us! When I got home from Tulsa, he had painted your room! We bought the paint, but I did not think he would be painting the room. I thought your grandpa would be doing the honors sometime soon so this was a great surprise! We are running out of time so this needed to get done. I can't believe I am OVER 28 weeks now! You are a little person in there now just cooking away!
You are going to love your room. It is a very pretty limey green. Sounds gross, but I promise it's perfect! We are going with a Victorian/antique theme. Your furniture should be here any day now.
Your big brother Keagan's birthday party is Saturday, March 29. He's going to be TWO! Wow!
Yesterday, he did the sweetest thing. He was running by me and saying "pants, shoes, airplane" and he paused, turned back around came over to my belly and said "baby", lifted my shirt and I said "can you kiss your baby sister?" and he did! I know he has done this before, but this time it was different because he stopped everything he was doing to come and point to you! Right before he did it I thought to myself, I wonder if he will come over and say baby and he did!
I think he is ready to be your big brother.
This morning, your dad gave the complete go ahead on your first name so we finally agree! I have been sold on this name for a while, but your dad wanted to be sure we left no stone unturned. Still looking for a middle name thought. I can't type your name here because he will be getting you your own Web site so family and friends can search for it and try to win that bottle of scotch I mentioned in an earlier post.
Today is a big day for us! We have your 3D ultrasound so we'll get to see what you look like! I bet you are a pretty girl! I know you are an active girl! You kick morning, noon and night. Do you ever sleep?
That's it for now!

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29 Week Belly Shots!

Hi Baby Girl!

Here are some belly shots of your growing mama! 29 weeks and counting! Wow, have you been moving a lot lately! You are still sideways in my belly so that little elbow of yours likes to jab the heck out of my right side. Youch! You are worth it though!
Your dad and I can't wait to meet you!