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Bun in the oven

Well it's Monday night (12th July, 2004) and Murray and I just found out on Friday that I am pregnant with our third child. It was very much a suprise but definitely a blessing from God. I'm still in shock - at first I didn't know if I could believe the test results. I'd had 5 tests before I got a positive result - 3 of them were home pregnancy tests (HPT's) and I even got a negative result on a blood pregnancy test from the doctors. I must have been too early to test. Anyway, I finally got my positive result on my fifth test - another blood pregnancy test at 5weeks. I am now 5 weeks 4days pregnant according to when I ovulated.
I went to visit Dr Parmakellis last night - he is my regular GP. He was really happy and congratulated me and told me to congratulate Murray as well. He asked if it was planned and I told him 'no' and he asked how I felt about the result. Of course I explained that whilst I was shocked I am also happy. He told me that 3 is a great number and it is good to have them close together. I didn't know what his reaction would be like since Joel, my second child is only 9 1/2months old so I was glad to get such a positive response. He asked me if I wanted to go as a private or public patient and I told him that I wanted to go private, so he gave me a referral to my obstetrician.
Anyway, this morning I called my obstetricians office and they couldn't get me in until September 17th. I'll be 15weeks along by then but there is nothing else I can do about it. The receptionist said that if I have any problem before that date I need to see my GP. I guess my GP will refer me for my first ultrasound because I need to have that around 12 weeks.
I'm also wanting to keep fit throughout this pregnancy because I am 88kg to start with which is way too much overweight - actually, i'm quite disappointed in myself about letting my weight go. Anyway, last week I had 5 workout sessions - 2 body combat classes, 2 body jam classes and a stability ball for dummies (DVD) workout. Today I did another body combat class and hopefully i'll be able to fit in at least 3more workout sessions this week. I need to eat healthier too but at the moment i'm just taking it in small steps so we'll see how it goes.
Anyway there are so many things going on at the moment in my head. I feel so many different emotions. I'm scared because I don't know if and how i'll cope with a 4year old, 18month old and a newborn. But i'm excited, elated and of course I feel very blessed.

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Well it's now 20th July, and the news has had a little while to sink in. I'm still feeling a bit shocked though and can I say really scared. If anything in my life is more important than anything else it's being a good mum. I'm such a horrible housekeeper, that is for certain - I need to work on that. Sometimes I go through 'good spurts where I keep the house nice but then I let it go. Oh well, that is a goal to strive for huh.
I've been good with the execise though, and better with my eating, although not perfect.I did 5 workout sessions last week and then this week I have already attended one body combat class and then again today i'm going again. School is back this week so with work it may be more difficult to get to the gym but i'm determined to try my best to fit something in - even if it is at the very least my pregnancy fitball workout DVD - and that is an excellent program too by the way. It is most important to me that I don't become unhealthy and not eat enough. But because this is my third pregnancy and because Joel was born only 9months before I fell pg this time I need to watch that I don't overdo the eating.

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Hi congrats on your new arrival it's very exciting isn't it. I wish you the best of luck!!!

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