I'm sick!!! I started Wednesday. Yesterday I stayed home cause I felt horrible. Still feeling sick but hopefully with rest and lots of fluids I'll get better.

So Thursday was my 2nd prenatal appt. Dr did a full physical and then went on to the u/s. I ignored everything he said and even the baby as a whole. I went straight for his/her little chest. And once I saw the little bubbling of the heart...I felt so much relief. So finally they called Erny in. Again I couldn't help but tear up at the sight and sound of the heartbeat. His/her HB was going at 169bpm. It was at 133bpm @ 7 weeks so all is going great. Also @ 7 weeks he/she measured .9cm and this time he/she measured 3.35cm. The Dr said that everything is progressing as it should so he's confident that everything will go great!
I have another appt at 14 weeks on Jan 7th. But before that, I have an appt with a perinatologist for an NT scan. I go in on 12/30 for that one.
Oh and the doctor changed my date to July 10th. According to the size I would be due July 8th but he kept it on the 10th. Hopefully the baby will come on the 8th. That way it'll be 07/08/09...hehe

Here is the sonogram pic at 9w/6d